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Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #24

8/17 18:13:23

Joining a MasterMind group to support your weight loss goals can be just the thing that helps you achieve your goals.  When you connect with other like-minded people, you vibrate at a higher level of consciousness thereby attracting all that is intended for your weight loss goals.

Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss

Lesson #24 

I抳e been so incredibly blessed with attracting wonderful people in my life?  In my meditation, I抳e been asking to attract a MasterMind group of like-minded women.  Guess what happened a month ago?  I was asked to join a MasterMind group.  We never know when something is going to show up that we抳e asked for, we just know it is.  These women are absolutely wonderful!! 

We get together once a week in the early morning over the telephone and use http://www.freeconference.com.  It抯 a free service, and the only thing you pay for is the cost of the call.   

Here抯 the basics on the format.  We check in with each other and are allotted a few minutes to talk about our week. We keep the tone positive.  Even if a member is experiencing some issues, she is allowed to say it, and the group offers support and encouragement.  This process is done quickly. 

We then move into a meditation.  After this the meditation, each individual sets her intention for what she wants to work on in the upcoming week.  We laugh a lot during the call and close with a great big WAHOO!!   

We all had not met in person so we decided to meet last week at a place called La La Land Chocolates.  Yup, it was exactly what the name said.  You felt like you were in La La Land with the home-made chocolates they served with lunch.  After the lunch, they brought you even more chocolate梖ondue to dip your fruit in.  Talk about temptation.  I took one tiny bite of chocolate and it did taste really good.  I will be honest?I did inhale?. a lot and actually did get high.  Yup, I was in La La Land. 

We dressed up and wore hats.  They all had sophisticated hats.  I had my skirt and heels on and wore my beanie with 揑 Don抰 Want to Grow Up?on it.   I looked radiant, and felt like a Ya Ya!! 

I got a little teary during the lunch as I mentioned that I had been asking for this group to come into my life and was feeling so blessed.  One woman mentioned that she heard my call and was simply responding.  That抯 exactly how it works.  Pretty phenomenal, right? 

Wouldn抰 it be great if you had access to a MasterMind group of like-minded people?  Ask and it will show up.  I will hold this intention for you too.  Just imagine what a group of people who are like-minded can do for each other.  When two are gathered in my name?the miracles are endless!  Your MasterMind group is waiting for you. 

I love and appreciate you so much.   

Love and hugs, 



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