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Diet free weight loss

8/17 18:11:03

Can you lose weight without dieting? Imagine dropping body fat without the stresses of worrying about re gaining the weight. Imagine enjoying the process of losing weight while enjoying the foods you eat that will help you lose weight. In this article, "Cap" Josue Cano will reveal tips and tools you can use to experience diet free weight loss.

Are you in a diet mentality?

If you are experiencing deprivation in your current approach to weight loss then chances are you are in a diet mentality. If your current approach to weight loss is to restrict yourself or use words such as I can抰 eat that or that is restricted then you are in a diet mentality. Imagine experiencing losing weight without the stresses of dieting. Imagine dropping body fat eating foods like burgers, chocolate, Mexican food. Impossible you might say? Not so. We抣l look at the signs of a diet mentality thinker and take an approach toward weight loss where you don抰 stress out, where you don抰 worry, where you don抰 sabotage yourself.

Current dieting

Dieters today are concerned with keeping calories down and focus on deprivation. When you are worried about dropping body fat to the point where you are not enjoying the process then you are in a diet mentality.

The 3 D抯 to diets

The first D of dieting is deprivation. When you set your mindset up for deprivation it is only a matter of time before you stress about missing out on foods that a dieter would eliminate from their diet. When stress takes place then you worry about sabotaging your efforts. The second D of dieting is disappointment. After the deprivation, stress, and worry the next eventual step is disappointment. Chances are that all dieters have been derailed from their diet and have eaten forbidden foods. When that takes place, disappointment sets in. This then leads to the third D which is depression. After the deprivation, disappointment depression soon follows. A dieter gets depressed because their diet has set them up for failure. Hope has been lost and their goals to drop weight and keeping it off have been compromised. Depression sets in and the cycle is repeated.

Living diet free

Living diet free means dropping body fat and keeping it off for good while not experiencing the deprivation, disappointment, and depression of dieting. It means not stressing out and worrying about gaining weight. It means enjoying the process of dropping body fat instead of loathing it or hating to do those steps required to drop body fat. Does it sound too good to be true? Not at all.

You need C.A.P. to drop body fat

C = choice: you have to accept that you have a choice every moment of your life. This lesson was taught to me by my mentor Robert Ferguson. By acknowledging that you have a choice you keep your power. It means you don抰 sabotage or collapse. It means that you maintain and improve and move closer and closer to living diet free.

A = acceptance: you have to accept that there are principles that if broken or compromised will result in undesirable results. For example, if you drink heavily (especially late night) you will gain body fat if not addressed or taken care of. If you eat the foods that cause body fat on a regular basis (and alcohol is one of them) then you will gain body fat. You have to accept the consequences when you do anything that jeopardizes your goals.

P = perception: self perception is one of the most powerful tools that you have to employ in your arsenal to destroy dieting. Your perception of yourself has to match your goals. In other words, if you don抰 see yourself being lean, diet free then you won抰 be. How many people have you met who have lost weight only to gain it back? Most of us. The secret to permanent weight loss is seeing yourself not ever being overweight again. Your self-image has to match the goals you want to achieve. It抯 that simple. However, it抯 only one tool of many to employ to live diet free.

There are several steps to living diet free. These are only a few that I have mentioned. The goal is to destroy the diet mentality way of thinking so that you don抰 experience loss of self which leads to self sabotage. When self sabotage takes place then relapse takes place. Meaning, you will gain the weight back. Take my word for it. I use to be overweight and at one point use to have an eating disorder. I experienced those feelings of depression, loneliness, guilt, failure and sabotage. Check out my website:

www.josuecano.com and you can read about my story. I am hear to share with you the trials and tribulations of my journey toward living diet free. Now is the time.

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