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Can You Lose Weight Easily By Drinking Several Cups of Tea Or Coffee?

8/17 18:09:10

If you want to get slimmer you automatically look for easy ways to lose weight; it's human nature to look for the easiest way in which to do something, and weight loss is no exception.?Wouldn't it be great if something as simple as drinking a cup of tea or coffee could provide a weight loss solution?

Those of us who want to lose weight are always on the look-out for easy weight loss tips. We notice too how foods or drinks which are identified to us as bad for one aspect of our health can at the same time be good for our health in a different way, thereby allowing us to justify (to a degree) their consumption.

We notice a constant stream of articles which point out the fact that this or that vitamin or supplement will help increase our metabolic rate or increase the speed at which we burn calories and hence lose weight more easily. The emphasis always seems to be placed upon the fact that you will lose weight more easily with these weight loss or diet aid products.

Wouldn't it be handy if you could lose weight more easily simply by drinking several cups of tea or coffee every day? In a sense this is actually probably quite possible; we are constantly reminded that by drinking a large glass of water before a meal you will feel fuller more quickly and therefore find it easy to eat less. Tea and coffee also contains a fair amount of water and so one could claim that these popular beverages also offer a similar "lose weight more easily" benefit.

I did in fact notice an article the other day which suggested that your cups of tea and coffee should count as part of the ideal quota of eight glasses of water a day which our bodies need to operate healthily. I have to admit I always questioned why one should drink vast amounts of pure water as well as whatever other (soft) drinks you consumed on a daily basis; my inquiring mind suspected that this was perhaps a useful "fact' which bottled water companies liked to encourage.

There is also research data (referenced in the Journal of the American Heart Association) which indicates that to drink a few cups of tea or coffee a day lowers ones risk of heart disease by a quite noticeable percentage. This beneficial effect is effect is quite capable of being counteracted by a lifestyle which involves smoking cigarettes, eating unhealthily or living the life of a couch potato and shunning exercise.

The same potential contra-effect stands for each and every diet aid. Each weight loss aid only works within certain boundaries. An appetite suppressant, for example, will only work if you listen to your body and do not over-ride the signals which tell you that you are satisfied. Similarly you may well lose weight easily without exercising, but your fitness levels will remain at the lower end of the scale.

If your aim is not only to lose weight but also to be fit and healthy then a lifestyle choice which involves both exercise and healthy eating is the only way forwards. There are I am sure hundreds, if not thousands, of dietary aids and weight loss pills or supplements which you could take and which may very well help you to lose weight, but they will only work when used as one part of a healthy shake-up of your life style.

No matter what approach you choose for your personal weight loss plan, you have to first have made a firm decision to do whatever it takes to lose weight and be healthy. You then have to focus your mind clearly upon your weight loss goals and remain motivated to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle to make weight loss easier for you. And it doesn't stop there.

To lose weight and keep it off over the long term you have to change your mindset so that you see weight loss as a long term and permanent fixture; it is not a quick-fix or fad diet which you are to be subjected to for a couple of weeks.

The only constant things which are lynch-pins in every successful weight loss solution are to eat healthily, exercise your body and to have a good mental attitude. The most important of all is undeniably your mental attitude. Your focus and attitude lie at the heart of any successful weight loss plan.

This is why hypnosis is so successful when applied to the matter of losing weight more easily. Hypnosis provides easy access to your subconscious mind, allowing you to get your mind around the subject of losing weight and focus clearly on your new lifestyle and healthy eating habits. Weight loss hypnosis motivates you and focuses your mind so that your own particular weight loss goals can be clearly seen and more easily attained.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in weight loss hypnosis mp3s that help you program your mind for success.

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