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Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #28

8/17 18:07:26

Having fun is essential to being vibrant and healthy.  When we laugh, we communicate with our cells that we are in a state of great health.  Weight loss, and becoming our ideal weight, is a natural by-product of this state of being.

Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss

Lesson #28 

You know how I like to have fun so let抯 have some FUN today, okay?  Seven year old Tami is ready to play!   

Are you ready? 

Get a mirror and make some faces at yourself?or if you抮e at work reading this, turn and make a fish face at someone else.  Get your family involved at the dinner table and see who can make the best fish face?.give an award for it!  I wish you could see my fish face?it is the best!  In fact, I抦 doing it as I write this. 

Here抯 another idea.  I love to play practical jokes.  When I was employed as a trainer for a credit union, I played a practical joke that really stunk.  Another co-worker and I had similar interests in laughing and playing jokes on people.  One time this co-worker was out of town so I decided to get him back for some things he had done like cornering me while I was getting bombarded with tons of water from a squirt gun.  Retaliation is good!   

I keep things on hand in case of emergencies.  You know?break open in case of fun.  I have to be ready and armed.  I just happened to have a fish head from the World Famous Pike抯 Place Market in Seattle.  This co-worker was going to be gone over a long weekend so I decided to put this fish head in his office, along with an open can of tuna.  Well, the weather report called for temperatures in the upper 80抯, cooking the inside of his office.  You can imagine the aroma! 

When we came back on Tuesday, the smell didn抰 just stay in his office; it permeated a large portion of the branch making the tellers sick and some of the members too.  Fans were blowing everywhere trying to remove the pungent odor.  Okay, so I did get in trouble for this, but it was so much fun.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely! 

Was there something fishy going on you ask?  Yes, there was!  Set the intention to live your life on porpoise.  Make everyday what it otter be.  Hook 慹m with laughter.  Don抰 let 慹m worm their way out of fun.  For the halibut, smile, dance, laugh.  Have a whale of a time!   

How does this relate to weight loss?  When your body is in a high joy vibration, the cells come alive?you know those endorfins桰 know this is spelled incorrectly卻till going with the fish theme.  and toxins are released.  Toxins are stored in your fat cells so voila! fat is reduced.  This is a simple process to use everyday! 

Now, it抯 your turn.  What are you going to do to have fun?  Don抰 you just have the urge to get somebody?  Don抰 clam up?use your creativity and let loose! 

Keep up the great work you抮e doing for yourself.  You are the priority!   Make every moment an eely good moment! 

Love and hugs, 




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