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Caution - 3 Reasons Why Rapid Weight Loss is Not Recommended

8/17 18:07:09

Rapid weight loss is the hope of every dieter, but is not recommended for the change in lifestyle needed to maintain proper nutrition at an optimum weight.

Even people who are smart about a program to lose weight often want to see results quickly.?They want rapid weight loss for the purpose of keeping up the enthusiasm for a totally onerous eating pattern.?Dieters hope to lose the weight quickly so they can go back to eating normally.?Unfortunately, it is this pattern of thinking that causes the dieter to fail over the long run. The dieter who stops eating everything but cabbage soup for 3 days for example may drop several pounds fairly quickly, but regain the weight as soon as 'normal' eating is resumed.

Poor Nutrition

Often, rapid weight loss is the result of eating some foods to the exclusion of others.?For example, some diets want you to eat only carbohydrates. Others ask you to eat only protein.?Liquid protein diets have had disastrous results for some dieters.?Especially when you are attempting to get down to a proper weight for your age and height, it is important to know and understand the principles of proper nutrition so that you can maintain good health while accomplishing your weight goals. Choose a variety of foods from the accepted food groups and eat smaller portions if you want to lose weight.

Inability to Maintain Slimmed Down Weight

When you strive for rapid weight loss, no matter how it is accomplished, you may quickly reach your weight goal, especially if you only have a few pounds to lose.?However, it is often true that once you stop the dramatic weight loss diet, you will often regain the weight almost as quickly as it was lost. The popular name for this sequence of events is 'yo-yo dieting.'?The dieter goes on a diet and loses the weight quickly.?Most often, the weight loss is simply water.?Unless the dieter is on a long term program to lose the weight, it often will return rather quickly.?At best, the dieter will quickly reach a plateau and the techniques that brought about the quick loss of pounds no longer work.

Can Lead to Eating Disorders

One of the rapid weight loss methods that will yield quick results is known as 'binge and purge.'?The dieter eats, even overeats and follows up by forcing vomiting to empty the contents of the stomach.?The procedure is effective in losing weight, but is also symptomatic of an eating disorder known as bulimia.?Bulimia and the related disorder known as anorexia are dangerous and sometimes even fatal eating disorders which require extensive specialized treatment in order to recover.

Although rapid weight loss may be helpful in a life threatening situation, dieting should ALWAYS be carried out under the supervision of medical professionals.?Even in this type of morbidly obese individual, dramatic weight loss under a doctor's care can be very dangerous and every aspect of the diet closely monitored. In routine weight loss situations, it's smart to talk to your health professional about any diet plans that you may be considering.?The doctor can often provide helpful advice and referrals to a diet doctor if necessary.

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