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Is There Really A Weight Loss Program That Actually Works? Get Expert Advice Now

8/17 18:06:44

If you are anything like me you have struggled with weight gain and as you have gotten older it's been more and more of an issue. Over the years I have often asked myself is there really a weight loss program that actually works because I have tried many and have never gotten the results I wanted.

I know that as we get older our metabolism slows down so it is very important to stay active, unfortunately I am at a desk most of the day with very little time to go out for an hour walk. I have to be honest with myself and say that I don't really enjoy exercising and have to force myself to do the little bit of exercising that I do. I really thought that I would wind up steadily gaining weight for the rest of my life. I could envision myself being obese by the time I hit 60 which was more like a nightmare than a thought. I kept asking my doctor if there really is a weight loss program that actually works and that she would recommend for someone my age. The response I got from her was always about exercising more with no real recommendation of any specific diet.

The problem was that I really didn't over eat, I would skip breakfast, have something light for lunch and eat dinner, although I have to confess, we eat dinner late because of my husband's work schedule. I always thought that aside from my lack of exercise, my eating late had a lot to do with the extra pounds I had been putting on. I even started to exercise in the morning after the kids got off to school but it was hard to keep a schedule and I never was consistent at it so I was back to square one.

Then a friend of mine told me that she had downloaded this diet from the Internet and was following it to the tee. After looking at her results so far, I was impressed, although I didn't ask her exactly how much weight she lost, I could tell she had dropped a few pounds and she had not been on the diet for that long. I thought to myself, maybe there really is a weight loss program that actually works after all.

She started to explain a little about what made this diet different from all the rest and what she said really made sense to me. She learned that your brain controls the release of fat burning hormones after each meal. This diet uses a technique called calorie shifting because in order to lose weight your diet needs to be shifted every few days. It definitely seemed to be working for her so I decided I would give it a try as well, and for less than the cost to fill up my car, I could get the entire program.

I have now been on the program for about 3 weeks and I can already tell that I've lost a significant amount of weight, I don't have a scale at home so I'm looking forward to seeing my doctor in 2 weeks and the truth will be told then. I know that my clothes fit and I can actually get into my jeans without having to lay flat on my back! Yahoo, there really is a weight loss program that actually works!

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