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Why is Fat Loss 4 Idiots Such a Successful Weight Loss Program?

8/17 18:06:12

There always seems to be new fad diet or diet pill that people follow in their droves and if you are one of these people and are getting tired of being led up the garden path with one broken promise after another, then this article may just provide you with the answer you are looking for in order to achieve quick AND sustained weight loss results.

There is a program that has been around a little while now called Fat Loss 4 Idiots, this program uses a method called calorie shifting it is not a new idea but the way this program has adapted it and turned it into a successful 14 day repeatable cycle diet is excellent.

Where most diets fall down is that they concentrate on reducing the calorie intake to a level lower than what the body is burning. This works great for a limited time as the body still burns calories at the original rate. But, once the body has become accustomed to receiving a lower amount of calories, the amount of calories the body burns lowers also, to the point that weight loss invariably either slows to a trickle or completely stops. This point of a diet is commonly known as the weight loss plateau.

If you an habitual diet monger you will probably experienced this more than once, as this is true of virtually every diet out there. What happens is that a person will give up on the diet because they are not losing any weight anymore. What happens then is that?once they return to their pre diet food they instantly put on weight and in a lot of cases exceed the initial pre diet weight also. This is because the body is still burning calories at the lower rate that the diet had changed it too!

With the calorie shifting method, the body is fooled into maintaining a high metabolism therefore continuing to burn calories even though you have dropped your calorie intake.

So how is the body fooled?

When the body is fed low calorie foods all the time it becomes predictable for the body therefore it adapts to the newer lower calorie intake; with calorie shifting the body is fed low calories and occasional high calorie foods. This is done at specific times and this alternation confuses the body into not changing to a slower metabolism. The specific foods and intervals are devised to keep your metabolism at the optimum level as this is where the greatest burn of calories is done.

Unlike other diets and weight loss programs, Fat Loss 4 Idiots doesn't leave you feeling lethargic and weak. On other diets there are sacrifices that you are expected to make that may not be beneficial to your health, Fat Loss 4 Idiots allows you, no, insists that you eat well and properly but at certain times as stipulated by their plan.
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