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If you cheat during phase 2 of the HCG diet

8/17 18:03:26
  Many people can’t resist cheating while using the HCG weight loss plan. In that case the person may not get the desired results with HCG weight loss plan. You can consult a doctor on this issue. <p><b>Hcg diet</b> plan is a powerful, yet very strict diet. The calories that you are permitted to consume on the Hcg diet plan protocol isn't any more than 500 calories a day. And the diet has very strict dietary restrictions especially during Phase 2. If you cheat during VLCD phase, it will normally set you back Two to three days and cause stall or even putting on weight.</p>
<p>The first week of Phase 2 may be the hardest time for many dieters. Although lower food intakes already satisfying your system needs because the HCG is mobilizing abnormal fat stores as the supply of energy, you might still feel hungry or deprived emotionally and long for foods that are not allowed around the HCG diet plan. If you are not exactly eating the best <b>HCG diet</b> plan food, consuming a lot more than 500 calories daily, or cheating on oily foods or unhealthy snacks, you allow your body to store unwanted excess fat rather than burning it.</p>
<p>But don’t worry, cheating is not the end of world around the <a href="http://www.everett-hcg.com/">Everett HCG diet</a>. It happens sometimes as our mind overpowers our body. It's most significant to pick yourself up and never have such a hard time. Return to track immediately after the cheating happened and don't indulge yourself within the believed that you already cheated. Cheating shouldn't suggest failing around the overall diet and it must be ensured that the cheating is only going to happen once.</p>
<p>A good thing that you can do after cheating on the <b>HCG diet</b> is to stick with this diet protocol for that rest and make sure that you won't cheat again especially throughout the Phase 3 (Maintenance) after you finish the HCG shots or drops. Maintenance is an extremely critical time during the HCG protocol because it somehow makes or breaks as far as keeping unwanted weight off. You don’t want this to be just another failed diet in which the weight comes back as soon as you put something fattening inside your mouth. Make sure you do maintenance right and don’t cheat.</p>
<p><b>HCG Diet</b> is much like the guidelines and regulations that you're designed to follow. Just make sure you do the right thing and put effort to see the very best result. When you successfully made it, have forfeit and reshaped your body to your personal satisfaction, you'll learn everything around the <a href="http://www.hcg-diet.net/">HCG diet</a> is really a step towards a healthier and happier life.</p>
<p>If you consult a good HCG doctor he would certainly suggest you one thing- follow the HCG diet plan like the way it has to be. Cheating will now just spoil the whole weight loss practice and in that case one can’t blame the <a href="http://www.hcg-diet.net/">HCG weight loss</a> plan for failure.Controlling hunger temptations can be sometime be critical but your firm determination will allow you have the better results with weight loss and health retention.</p>
<p>So it is always advised to follow this weight loss plan as suggested. For more high quality HCG you can simply log on to: http://www.hcg-diet.net</p>

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