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Refrain from Strenuous Exercise on the HCG Diet

8/17 18:03:04
  When you are using the HCG weight loss plan you don’t have to be the part with those workout and exercise plans since you are using a low calorie diet plan that supplies the minimum nutritional requirement to the body. <p>It’s been pounded into your head since you started trying to lose weight; the only method to get rid of the pounds is to consume less and to get up and begin exercising a great deal. Then you discover HCG plan that lets you know to reduce the foods you eat, take the <b>HCG</b> injections or oral HCG oral doses, but refrain from strenuous exercise. It almost seems impossible to believe; just how can an eating plan work without strenuous exercise? Is it easy to drop pounds without having done some type of rigorous workout three to four times each week? What about building muscle to burn fat or working off excess calories?</p>
<p>Dr. ATW Simeons clearly states not to exercise strenuously on HCG diet plan. Many people new to the <b>HCG diet</b> plan have trouble comprehending why being active is not recommended around the <a href="http://www.hcg-diet.com/">HCG diet</a> process. While it's true that the bit of moderate exercise for example walking won’t hurt you, lots of exercise or strenuous exercise can backfire you while on HCG plan. It is because, even though taking HCG makes you feel full, even on the five-hundred calorie daily diet, the reduced diet plan is not sufficient for strenuous exercise.</p>
<p>When you start exercising on a <b>HCG diet</b> plan, the body will perceive it doesn’t have sufficient powers to depend on and it will believe you're starving. This cuts down on the metabolic processes and severely slows, if not all together stalls the weight loss process. This is the reason why it is so vital that you refrain from strenuous workouts til you have achieved your set weight reduction goals while using an <b>HCG diet</b> plan. In addition, you are already burning abnormal fat using the very low calories diet during <a href="http://www.losangeles-hcg.net/">Los Angeles HCG diet</a>. Extra exercising can lead to the loss of lean muscle tissues instead.</p>
<p>Does being on an HCG plan imply that you need to quit exercising forever? No. Actually, after you have lost the load you set out to lose you are able to place yourself on an exercise regimen to help keep the weight off permanently. Meanwhile, during the dieting process, limit your exercise to brief walks, stretching, and very low impact exercises. You will find that the dieting effort is going to be much more successful because you maintain a fast metabolism having a low calorie intake.</p>
<p>And before you start up with this <b>HCG weight loss</b> plan it is highly essential that you have some consultation with some good physician or weight loss experts. Under certain health conditions, physicians don’t permit using the <a href="http://www.hcg-diet.com/">HCG weight loss</a> plan. And your consultation with the doctor will let you know if you are good enough to use this weight loss remedy.</p>
<p>And while you are using the <b>HCG</b> for weight loss, sometime you may feel to consume more than actually necessary but you are to hold your carvings and move on with this weight loss plan just as it has been suggested. Otherwise this is an easy to follow and completely safe weight loss remedy.</p>
<p>To buy <b>HCG</b> you can simply log on to: http://www.losangeles-hcg.net</p>

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