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The Easiest Ways to Lose Weight

8/17 17:17:37
Losing weight is something that we all worry about, as a society. In fact, studies show that North Americans are heavier than they have ever been before, and this includes our children. With all the health problems that are caused by obesity, that抯 a very serious problem ?it will probably impact on our health care costs in the very near future.

At the same time, the desire to be thin and fit has never been stronger. Advertising and images in the media tell us that a thin body is the only acceptable body ?and this is particularly true for women and girls. Putting all these facts together, what we have is a situation in which more and more people are very unhappy about their weight.

To discover the easiest ways to lose weight, we should consider why North Americans are overweight today, and how this is different from the behavior of most other societies. There抯 a popular book on the market right now about why French women don抰 gain weight, despite a diet that is rich in meat and dairy fat. What抯 their secret? And why are most Europeans and Asians 憂aturally?thinner and fitter than North Americans?

The answer is simple. There are two reasons: First, the food that people eat in most traditional societies is of better quality than the 慽nstant?or packaged food that we tend to eat. This is changing ?in another generation or so, people all around the world might end up with the same weight problems that Americans already have. But there抯 a lot to be gained by eating food that抯 prepared in a traditional way, and that is as close to its natural form as possible.

The other reason is that people in more traditional societies are more physically active. This may surprise you, given the obsession with exercise that many North Americans have. But it抯 true ?because of amount of time that we spend sitting in our cars, we simply don抰 get as much exercise as we should. Exercising vigorously two or three times a week is still not as effective as the constant exercise that you get if walking or biking is your regular means of transportation.

So, in short, these are the easiest ways to lose weight over time: First, eat foods that are in their natural state, or as close to it as possible. And second, use your car as little as you can. Some people make it a rule not to drive if they are traveling less than ten or fifteen blocks, for example.

These aren抰 the quickest ways to lose weight, but they are the easiest and the best. That抯 because, unlike a diet, these are lifestyle change that will make you healthier. Once you start enjoying regular exercise and good food, chances are that you抣l never want to go back. So unlike diets, which might offer more impressive results in the short term, you are unlikely to gain back the weight that you lose in this manner.

Here抯 how to get started:

First, when you go the supermarket, try to avoid the center aisles. In most markets, the meat, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables are located at either end of the store, and in the back. The center aisles, on the other hand, are where all the packaged food is kept. If you avoid the middle of the store as much as you can, you will end up with a cart full of natural protein and produce, the perfect ingredients for losing weight.

Here抯 another hint: don抰 let yourself get hungry. Eat regular meals, so that you don抰 feel deprived. If you抮e like most of us, once you feel hungry you are more likely to eat whatever happens to be available, healthy or not. That抯 where the problems start. If you have regular, healthy meals and snacks, you won抰 be tempted by the junk food that抯 all too readily found in any corner store or vending machine.

Finally, avoid using your car as much as you can. It抯 better for the environment, and much better for you. Walking for a few hours every day is actually a better way of losing weight than if you exercise vigorously a couple of times a week. Try to work walking into your daily routine ?for example, can you leave home a half hour earlier and walk to work each day? With gas prices reaching an all-time high, think of all the money you抣l save while you抮e using weight!

Follow these simple life changes for lifelong health and fitness. Over time, your body will settle at a healthy weight, and you can begin to enjoy the ample benefits that this brings!

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