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Dropping Weight With Hypnosis?

8/17 17:17:10
Sadly, if you live in the United States, chances are that you or someone you know is among the epidemic of overweight people. The numbers on the nation抯 scales keep climbing, meaning this country is under a serious health crisis. Although for some people, the solution is simply changing diet and incorporating exercise, excess weight, and obesity can be related to biological factors that require more intervention. The real problem is that excess weight means high risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other forms of disease.

While there are a number of options when it comes to dropping weight, one that is sometimes forgotten is hypnosis. Unfortunately, people will try thing after thing, only to be faced with defeat. Instead of staying on the rollercoaster of weight gain and weight loss, you can try hypnosis, which can have amazing results. Remember, hypnosis has been used for centuries to help people get over illnesses and more recently, stop smoking, overcome anxiety, and lose weight. Whether you decide to use self-hypnosis or prefer to work with a reputable hypnotist, now is the time to finally, drop the weight.

It is important to understand why so many people are battling the bulge. In today抯 society, we live in a crazy world, moving at super sonic speed. With overflowing plates, high-pressured meetings, and balancing career and kids, stress is high and time limited. What happens when people feel stressed? Typically, they start to eat comfort foods and with little time, people usually grab fast food or foods loaded with empty calories. The result in both cases is weight gain. Therefore, hypnosis has to address the underlying cause of stress for it to help with weight loss.

You see, new studies show that cortisol in humans plays a key role in the body抯 stress response system. This particular study shows that just 24 hours after the chronic stress system has been activated, the same system that stimulates hormonal signals to the adrenal glands, pleasure seeking behaviors are prompted to include eating comfort foods. What this tells us among other things is that if the focus is on excess weight and not the cause of the weight gain, the battle of the bulge will be lost time after time. With hypnosis, the stress is addressed so the brakes on eating comfort foods or overeating can be applied.

What hypnosis does, along with techniques such as yoga, meditation, sex, and exercise, is to stimulate neurochemicals responsible for activating certain parts of the brain that stimulate pleasure. By using hypnosis to relax, the stress drive is greatly reduced. The reason that diet pills do not work for treating weight gain is that they do not provide sufficient metabolic feedback. In fact, studies show that using drugs for weight loss can actually encourage more stress. While someone may lose a few pounds initially using drugs, the results are short lived.

Hypnosis can teach you how to relax so you do not become overstressed in the first place. Additionally, once you begin to see results, you will feel motivated to begin a good exercise regimen and start focusing more and more on healthy, nutritious foods. The great thing about using hypnosis for dropping the weight is that it is readily available, effective, painless, works quickly, and the results are long lasting. With this, not only will your body benefit but your mind as well. The elimination of stress and the result of weight loss, takes you out of the high-risk category for disease, allowing you to live a long, healthy, and happy life!

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