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Who Discovered the Hoodia Gordonii Appetite Suppressant?

8/17 17:16:06
The popular natural appetite suppressant Hoodia Gordonii has been getting a lot of exposure lately on 60 Minutes, the BBC, and the Today Show. My article is going to explain the origin of the famed Hoodia Gordonii plant. I'll touch on the process of how the supplement works and how you can locate the strongest Hoodia Gordonii appetite suppresant that works.

Hoodia Gordonii And Its History As A Natural Appetite Suppressant

The potent appetite suppressing properites that the Hoodia cactus plant possesses have been known by the Kalahari desert bushmen for centuries. In the middle 90's the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) conducted a comprehensive look at the numerous native plants and foods consumed by the "Sans Bushmen".

The C.S.I.R. soon found out that the Hoodia cactus plant is non-toxic and it also has some very powerful capabilities to suppress your appetite and speed up your weight loss. This comprehensive research was discovered from following on from watching how animals were reacting when they regularly consumed the Hoodia cactus plant.

The Increasing Popularity of Hoodia Gordonii Natural Appetite Suppressants

Piggy-backing on the wild claims of very quick weightloss, many Hoodia Gordonii supplements for appetite suppression have made their way onto the market. Hoodia has become one of the fastest growing and fastest selling weightloss products in a market where many millions of dollars are shed each year on diet supplements.

Before deciding on a Hoodia appetite suppressant to aid with your weight loss it is vital to know more about the Hoodia cactus plant. Once the C.S.I.R. had been able to isolate the active ingredients in the Hoodia cactus plant which were responsible for appetite suppressing and increasing fat burning capabilities- they called it P57. The C.S.I.R. then sold the rights to P57 to a British pharmaceutical organization calling itself Phytopharm.

When Only Phytopharm Holds The Rights How Can So Many Other Hoodia Appetite Suppressants Be On The Market Today?

With Phytopharm holding the rights to P-57, it's very surprising that there are such a large number of Hoodia products available. Though Phytopharm actually does hold the rights to P57 there are some other patent laws that play a part. Phytopharm is the only pharma company that has the legal ability to extract the P-57 molecule from Hoodia Gordonii that is responsible for the appetite suppressing properties and use it in any or all of their Hoodia product lines.

That being said the whole Hoodia Gordonii plant is never be patented. That being so, other companies have the legal right to produce their own Hoodia appetite suppressant supplements and products legally without having a license to P57.

Now that there are such a wide range of Hoodia products available which are made from the Hoodia plant, it's crucial that customers don't fall into the trap and buy inexpensive, ineffective, limitations and also that they make sure that they only purchase Pure South African cactus Hoodia Gordonii Products for the best results.

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