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Kimkins Diet Review - What Is It?

8/17 17:15:53
Kimkins is a diet program thought out by a lady named Kimmer as an alternative to the Atkins Diet.

By following this plan, Kimmer supposedly lost seventy- seven pounds in three months. In 2000, Kimmer weighed 318 pounds and in less than a year she lost 198 pounds and has maintained that weight ever since.

The Kimkins Diet has had a major impact on the lives of many people. Because it is a low carbohydrate program, you can loose weight quickly and experience natural appetite suppression.

This program does not rely on you altering your lifestyle to include exercise either, the natural effects of this Diet Program work in a way that means you don't ever need to spend your time exercising.

It is also the perfect diet for type one and two diabetics. The program offers superior blood sugar control. In fact, many type two diabetics have been able to stop taking their medications after using this Diet Program.

The unique and inspiring experiences of the program developer Kimmer is a help and a great asset for your own dieting and Hugh assistance in your own efforts to loose weight.

A major factor for successful weight loss is accountability. One way to ensure that you will be successful in your fight to loose weight is to keep a weight loss journal. By recording your experiences in this way you are constantly reminded of the progress you are achieving.

With most low carb diet programs you are not usually hungry. Before you choose a low carbohydrate diet program make sure you choose one that engages you, the dieter. Loads of people who have tried low carb diets have either put weight back on or given up altogether. This is because the diet program that they have chosen has not sufficiently motivated them.

The popularity of this diet is overwhelming and more and more dieters are joining the program. Kimkins has also become popular amongst celebrities such as Jessica Allen, Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan.

Rapid and effective weight loss creates its own problem. This weight loss program is no different; there are issues with loosing weight too quickly so you need to be careful.

The biggest complaint, ironically enough, was the difficulty keeping up with the loss and having the proper attire to accommodate it. Another downside as it relates to successful dieters is the fact that for some reason it is difficult to sit in metal chairs for an extensive length of time; the task just becomes unbearable.

In addition, others state that the loss of appetite carried a particular burden also. Specifically, this is when the body enters Ketosis and begins rapidly using its natural fat stores, the appetite is greatly suppressed.

If you decide to eat out at restaurants then you may find that people start to comment on how little you eat. It may be a good idea to order side meals instead of a main course. That way you can still enjoy the company of friends without feeling guilty.

This however is a bearable side effect to most dieters, as the overwhelming benefit of loosing all that extra weigh more than makes up for these minor inconveniences.

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