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Know The Dangers Of Unhealthy Dieting

8/17 17:15:52
"No thanks, I'm on a diet"

We often hear these words, but how often do we think of the gloomy faces and gestures that accompany them? We've come to expect that the dieter has set out on some unpleasant journey. The words are almost groaned and there are sighs which suggest the dieter is in mourning. That's all because of the perception we have about diets. They are unpleasant, nasty, painful things, aren't they?

This is partly down to all the media guff that goes with the latest (unhealthy) dieting quirks: gluten free, grapefruit, New Totals, high fiber... You name it, there's always some variation on the dieting theme. Nobody really likes the sound of these diets, and we fully expect them to be unpleasant... but that's okay, they'll 'do us good'.

But can we rely on them?

Weight loss may soon be apparent and you'll feel greatly encouraged. But statistics show that most people give up sooner rather that later, and even go back to their old ways with a vengeance! No wonder! How long can your spirits if not your body survive on cabbage and melons?

Give Me Answers Now!

Part of the problem is that 'We want it all, we want it now'. We've become so used to instant results and instant gratification. Not surprising, then, that we apply the same principles to our dieting. Are we disgusted by our flab? Are our health restrictions getting us down? Right! Let's deal with them. Now! Deep down we know there could be health risks, but the ads are so appealing, they promise so much - and we're even prepared to pay for the instant, but unhealthy, dieting plans we secretly know won't work.

The drive to reduce weight rapidly can be so strong in some dieters that they will choose stomach bypass procedures. They know these operations were designed for the extremely overweight, but they nevertheless choose to ignore their own doctor's advice and seek private treatment.

Healthy v. Unhealthy Dieting

At risk of sounding old-fashioned and stating what readers don't want to hear, there are some facts that can't be overlooked: in order to lose weight and have a healthy, trim body in the long-term, you need to moderate your diet by eating healthy foods and perhaps eating less; you also need to take some exercise.

Think about it. This is really great news! You won't need to avoid your favorite foods. You won't need to go hungry. You can eat what you like in moderation, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your health and weight are going to be right.

So wave goodbye to all those unhealthy dieting plans and the physical and emotional pain that accompany them. Say hello and welcome to a new shape, better health, higher self-esteem, improved moods and emotional well being. Yes, you can enjoy that cookie or piece of chocolate, so long as you know you're sticking to your plan and taking moderate exercise. Unhealthy dieting plans! Who needs them?

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