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Weight Loss program Houston

8/17 17:14:47
Welcome to our weight reduction program at weight loss houston. You may have tried reducing your weight on your own, or with advice from friends and have met with little or no success. No matter what your past record has been in weight reduction, we will help you achieve your goals.
We understand that reducing your weight doesn't mean just eating less food but a combination of dieting, exercise and scientific body sculpting techniques. And what's more once you have reduced your weight, we help you stay that way. We have designed a very comprehensive program with this in mind. The results we have achieved are just amazing.
Just go to the bottom of the page on 'weightloss-houston.com/smartlipo.html', and click on 'Click here for more photos' to see 'Before and After' photos and decide for yourself.
We have a multi pronged approach to our weight loss program.
It comprises:-
1) Medical Weight Loss
2) Smart Lipo
3) Lipo Dissolve
The centre has as its medical director Dr. Bergeron who has been practicing medicine since 1993. He is assisted by his staff, all trained professionals in Medical weight loss.
A brief overview of our program:
Medical Weight Loss It achieves this by Appetite Suppressant Programs, Low Calorie Diets, Weight Loss Counselling, Vitamins & Supplements.
a. Appetite Suppressant Programs:-
Clients are subjected to a thorough physical exam and blood tests and are the prescribed drugs that reduce appetite. This is more of a short-term solution to achieve weight loss.
b. Low calorie diets: - After the medical exam and study of the client's medical history our expert staff recommends a low calorie diet base on the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). On the basis of the BMR a diet of between 800 and 1200 calories per day is recommended.
c. Weight Loss Counseling:-
Our centers at Houston weight loss has a counseling program that can be designed for individual needs. We understand that each person has a different dietary pattern and lifestyle and a program has to be created all keeping all this in mind. Other things like his mental and emotional state, and motivation level are also taken into account.
d. Vitamins/Supplements :- The fact that you are on a diet control program doesn't mean you should deprive yourself of the essential Vitamins that your body requires. The American Dietetic Association has said that supplements may help increase metabolism. Supplements should be taken for 3 months for optimum effect.
Smart Lipo This is a latest weight loss technique offering the best result. It is a body sculpting procedure with minimum incision for fat removal. A high-powered laser beam is made to act on the fat cells and make them drain away. Local anesthesia is used and there is very little bleeding, bruising or swelling.
Lipo Dissolve
This is another body sculpting technique used for removing fat deposits in the body. It is ather a body sculpting technique that is done after weight loss. Drugs are injected into the body's fatty layers which dissolve the fat. The fat is then ejected through the body's lymphatic system.

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