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How to Take Flax Seed

8/17 17:13:49
Flax seed has been getting a lot of attention lately because it has been shown to have many health benefits. But what is the best way to take flax seed? Here are some tips.

Flax comes in two forms: flax seed and flax seed oil. Flax seed oil can be found in liquid or capsule form. Simply take one or two capsules daily, according to package directions, to meet the daily dosage requirements of about 1,000 mg.

The capsules should be a dark color because their essential fatty acids can be broken down by light and oxygen. Be sure to store the capsules in its packaging: the dark color helps to preserve the nutrients in the product. Likewise, when using flax seed oil in cooking, look for oil stored in an amber-colored bottle and store it in the refrigerator.

Flax seed oil can be used just like any other salad oil. It can be used to replace other fats in cooking and baking by using three tablespoons of flax seed for every tablespoon of oil or margarine in the recipe. However, many cooks report that this substitution makes baked goods brown more quickly. Other people use a mixture of one tablespoon of flax seed mixed well with three tablespoons of water as a substitute for one egg in recipes. However, be aware that this can make for a chewier concoction.

There is some dispute as to whether the heat of cooking diminishes the nutrients in flax seed and flax seed oil. However there seems to be no side effects from taking too much flax seed. Studies have found that people can take up to 30 grams of flax seed oil daily without side effects. However, it is best to ask a doctor before starting a flax seed regimen as it can interfere with some medications.

Instead of oil, some people prefer to use flax seed. This is best done by grinding up the flax seed because whole flax seed has been shown to simply pass through the body without leaving any of its nutritional benefits. Some people add one to two tablespoons of the ground flax seeds to an eight ounce glass of water or juice and drink it up. It tastes rather nutty and pleasant.

Other people enjoy adding ground flax seed to their salads or to their baking. In the 1950s, Dr. Johanna Budwig found that adding flax seed to cottage cheese was very beneficial to cancer patients. According to Healingdaily.com, Dr. Budwig found that the combination bound the fatty acids of the flax seed to the proteins in the cottage cheese so all the nutrients were more easily absorbed by the body. Those who took this combination were more energetic and less anemic. Even better, the patients' tumors reduced in size.

Flax seed and flax seed oil can be found in most grocery and health-food stores. Many people prefer to buy organic flax seed and flax seed oil. Organic flax seed products that are certified are assured to have been grown and processed in a clean environment, without the use of pesticides.

Flax seed oil, with its nutty, buttery taste, is a pleasant way to add more nutrition and more flavor to day-to-day life. Look for tasty flax-seed recipes to try online today.

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