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Doctors Recommend This Berry for Health and Wellness

8/17 17:13:36
How amazing would it be to find a food that helped your body fight premature aging, fight cancer, diabetes and bacterial infections as well as promote digestive and cardiovascular health? Well it appears that acai berry is the newest popular product that does all that and more. Acai is a berry that grows in the Amazon and boosts amazing health benefits for those that take it. Acai is a high energy berry that is packed with antioxidants and tastes like a mix of chocolate and berries.

There have been multiple research studies that show acai boasts significant benefits when taken properly. Of course with any new product, it is important to find out all the details before taking acai. Once something gains popularity as effective, there will be several imitators that are not authentic. Acai has been shown to increase energy, is a good source of fiber and is available in juice as well as pill form. Acai can be expensive because the actual berry is not available in the United States.

Acai has actually been named a 'super food' by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. As you can imagine something so popular and with so many benefits can be a hindrance if not used properly or if its use is misinterpreted. The proper path towards a healthy body is to maintain a nutrient filled diet and get regular exercise. Simply taking acai in the pill form or drinking the juice is not going to magically make you healthy or cause you to lose weight. However, incorporating acai with your diet and exercise can have tremendous benefits.

Working out on a regular basis can be easy to incorporate into your everyday activities. It's as simple as walking around the block, parking farther away from buildings or taking the stairs instead of the elevator to burn additional calories. As for what you eat, simply cutting down on eating out and cooking your own meals at home can be a great start. Most restaurants and fast food establishments offer healthy options for when you do dine out, so you're not completely deterred when you have to grab a quick bite.

If weight loss is your goal, you'll want to build up to getting 60 minutes of exercise most days of the week. Incorporating acai with your new diet and exercise habits will add some extra benefits and garner great results. The important thing to remember is that acai should be used in addition to diet and exercise, not in place of. Whether you're looking for a healthier lifestyle, or want to drop pounds and inches, acai is worth taking a look at. Be sure to look around at the various brands to ensure you're getting authentic acai. Because of its popularity, it will be easy to find the imitators. When used properly, you can enjoy the health-boosting benefits of this exotic berry without having to travel to the Amazon to pick it.

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