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What Happens When We Eat Too Much.

8/17 17:12:57
We need food daily for our well-being. The food we eat provides us with the vitamins and minerals we need as well as energy in the form of calories.

When we eat too much, we store the extra calories and that turns into fat resulting into weight gain. Obesity simple means an excess of fat on the body. Obesity is a choric disease that can lead to chronic complaints such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

These diseases can cause long-term problems and are responsible for many premature deaths in the world only second to tobacco.

Being overweight is reaching epidemic proportions in the world and particularly in the west. It seems that obesity has become such a problem in Australia that some states have been forced to buy super-size ambulances to cope with those patients who are so fat they cannot fit inside a regular size ambulance.

The Health Minister for the New South Wales government, Reba Meagher, says the state has ordered three mega-lift ambulances at a cost of $150,000 each to cater for obese patients.

Americans spends billions on dieting each year buying diet books, diet foods and diet pills. An equal amount of money is spent on diseases related to being overweight. Productivity in the workplace also suffers. More then half of adult Americans and one in five children are overweight.

Being overweight has many causes and your age, ex, race and genes all play a part in this.

Genes tends to run in families but because your mum is overweight does not mean you will also become so. Lifestyle contributes to this as well.

Some people overeat because they are distressed or stresses, they may be bored or fed up. Some people overeat for comfort ?the boyfriend leaves and they run to the fridge.

Some of us put on weight, as they grow older; their metabolism slows down telling us that we need fewer calories for our daily.

Pregnancy is also a factor.

Always check with your doctor before embarking on a diet plan. You can get advice on how to lose weight and the correct exercise for you.

Your doctor can also give you the information to ensure your success so you will not go on the yo-yo phase that plagued so many of us dieters.

There are no magic pills or instant portions to help you lose the weight. It is fun, hard work and very rewarding when you reach the weight you set as a goal.

There are, of course, some good dieting plans out there that can help you to reach your goal.

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