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Untrue facts linked with Weight Loss

8/17 17:12:51
Weight Loss Myths

If you want to start a diet, fist you must know that nutrition, exercise and weight loss are surrounded by a large number of myths. We can't list them all, but here are the most common ones.

1. You put on pounds if you do not exercise.

The body fat doesn鈥檛 come as a result of lack of exercise. It is gained when your blood sugar level is very high and outruns what you are using. Basically this means that you take in too many calories. Therefore, daily exercise helps you burn these calories that are in excess, not to mention the many other health benefits that come as a result. You will not lose weight just by working out if you end up taking in too many calories.

So this is the most important thing to remember if you want to lose weight: taking in more calories than you can burn means gaining weight, your body storing them as fat. Always remember that you need to work out and you can even have a good free workout at home or in the park.

2. The metabolism starts to slow down after turning 30.

Just another common myth. But actually, it had been shown by the many research studies that this metabolism slow down with age comes as a cause of muscle tissue loss, this loss being related to the lack of physical exercise. So if you want to avoid this metabolism slow down as you get older, don't forget to include in your exercise program forms of weight bearing exercise, for example gym work.

3. All Carbs are bad for you.

All over the world food like pasta and bread is being avoid by people who believe these foods are fattening because they are sources of carbohydrates. We are also faced with low carb diets. But any kind of food or drink can be fattening if you make abuse and eat more than you need; even fruit or vegetables, like lettuce, can be deposited as body fat, if the sugar level in your blood exceeds the needs of your body. You can eat everything as long as you eat what is right.

4. Eating after 7pm makes you fat

This is false. You will get fat no matter what time you eat, as long as you don't really need these extra calories. But if your body needs them, you can eat after 7pm without to worry about your weight. The secret is to eat in the adequate moments of the day, when you burn more calories than usually.

5. Strength training makes you bulky

You won't believe how many women worry about this. But intensive strength training can鈥檛 determine your muscle size; hormone production and genetics do.

Actually, for women, building muscles has its benefits: muscles help you burn calories. Therefore more calories are burned if you have more muscle; but burning the fat faster and easier is not the only advantage; it also makes it harder to gain that fat back.

These are only five common weight loss myths. We will discuss the other ones in future articles. Until then, keep these in mind, stay healthy and keep on exercising. Stay fit and learn how to lose weight the right way!

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