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The Only Ways to Burn off Stomach Fat

8/17 17:12:26
Today, 65 percent of all Americans are overweight and in the United Kingdom nearly half of the population suffers the same. Weight gain usually occurs in the stomach that is why million search for ways to burn off stomach fat. It is a world wide epidemic and belly fat has been found to be one of the leading indicators to how adversely your health will be affected by weight gain. It is because of that fact that it is vital burn off stomach fat. So amidst all the thousands of suggested ways to lose that belly, it can be difficult to know how do go about it. This article lists the only effective ways to reduce that tummy.

!strong>Proper diet and Nutrition - Experts and specialists agree that when it comes to weight loss the most important part of the battle is a balanced diet and the right nutrition. Its not easy to burn off stomach fat so the best way to stay healthy and slim is to eat right and prevent fat build up so that when you do lose weight you will be sure to keep it off. Also while you are eating properly you will be able to feed lean muscle that normally deteriorates due to an unhealthy diet. As a result that muscle retained in the stomach area will fight off fat for you and you will more likely form toned abs than through any other method.

Exercise - It抯 important to know what exercises burn off stomach fat because there are many that are not effective. Contrary to popular belief floor crunches do not do as good of a abdominal workout as other ab exercises. In fact, it is probably the least effective because it put strain on the neck and back and it does not target muscles in the abdomen enough to stimulate muscle growth. Instead try doing leg lifts off of a pull up bar or use a exercise ball to do targeted crunches on. By doing those exercises instead of crunches on the floor you will be able to slim down a lot faster. Another fact about exercise is that aerobics does not help burn fat faster then resistance training. Many people spend countless hours on the tread mill while they could have been doing weight training which is 3 times as effective. The reason is because it takes an individual to walk or run 35 miles to lose one pound of fat. Aerobics is more for strengthening the heart and cardiovascular system and should be used to supplement a strength training program sparingly. So to utilize resistance on your stomach, use a medicine ball or light free weight while doing abdominal exercises.

Put it all together - The combination of diet and exercise is the only way to burn off stomach fat efficiently. Make sure to choose a diet that works for you and avoid fad diets that involve a lot of restrictions. Those diets always lead to yoyo dieting which throws people into a weight gain and weight loss roller coaster. Also make sure you enjoy your exercises. By doing that you will more likely stick to it and burn off stomach fat and keep it that way.

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