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Mediterranean Diet Menu: A Fresh Twist On Dieting

8/17 17:12:14
If you plan to follow the mediterranean diet plan your choices should be made from a Mediterranean diet menu. This is the core of the diet plan. The Mediterranean diet menu is made up of foods most frequently eaten in the southern region of Italy and in Greece, both in the Medittranean area.
A Mediterranean diet is characterised by a lot of different foods, including breads, fish, cereals, vegetables, fruits and a lot of olive oil. These foods are usually eaten in this areas, so they are an example of contemporary Mediterranean diet plan market. So, there is not only one exemplary diet plan: it is just a type of food that can take part in a diet and add a meaning to that diet plan.
Many people automatically assume that fat is bad and doesn't belong in a diet. So these diet plans seem unusual to them because the diets are often quite high in fat. Actually, along with protein and carbohydrate, fat is a required part of our daily intake. That's why it appears on the food pyramid as one of the food groups we should consume each day.
Why is this diet healthy? It naturally contains more monounsaturated and other fats that are good for our bodies. Also it cuts down on the amount of saturated fats, the kind it's best to minimize in the diet due to their negative effects. Saturated fats usually come from animal fats and are not healthy as a regular part of your diet, especially not in large quantities. Plant fats are monounsaturated and are much healthier for the body.
Emphasizing olive oil strongly in cooking will also make a significant difference. Since olive oil is low in bad fat and high in good fat it is a good source for fat intake, in addition to this olives also contain a high amount of antioxidants and are good for combating cholesterol. This combination makes this an extremely heart healthy diet in every way.
Another part of this diet that makes it incedibly healthy is that it consists of red wine, which is extremely high in antioxidants and thus greatly contributes to the healthiness of the diet. Actually the majority of European diets contain red wine as a staple of the diet, but it is also found in most Mediterranean diets and thus is also included largely in the Mediterranean diet plan. Coupling the healthiness of the red wine with the already healthy food makes this diet an excellent one for anyone to try.

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