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What Are the Stages of Obesity

8/17 17:11:19
A great deal of people in our times have extra weight, but, unfortunately, more and more of them are becoming obese. Obesity is one of the most serious problems connected with a great number of risks, including the risks of having such diseases as diabetes, heart disease and so on. It is very important for every modern person to be aware about possible causes and factors that can stimulate weight gain, as well as to learn more about the motivation to weight lose. Effective weight management is one of the key techniques for living this life happily and being always fit and healthy.

Obesity is a certain condition when excessive amounts of fact accumulate in the body and start having negative influences on the person's life. There are certain stages of obesity. Those include the earliest stages, when person's weight is 15-30% greater than the ideal weight. On the progressive stage, the person's weight is 30-50% greater than the ideal weight. The latest stage can be characterized with 50-100% overweight. Finally, the stage of severe obesity is the condition, when the person's weight is twice or more greater than the ideal weight.

On the earliest or the progressive stages of obesity people usually do not feel a lot of discomfort and do not tend to connect their health concerns with their extra weight. There are no functional or structural changes in the functioning of their body organs. On these stages people take their overweight as a cosmetic defect and suffer from rather psychological than physical discomfort. However, on these stages of obesity it is very important to start making changes in the life-style and eating habits, because the processes of fat accumulation in the body tend to progress and result in increase risks of having many diseases.

On the latest stages of obesity many people have excessive pressure in their spine, bones and junctions, and many of them start experiencing problems when moving and walking. Sometimes, the latest stages of obesity are accompanied with chronic or periodic pains, the problems related to joints and muscles, limited mobility and so on. Finally, severe obesity can be characterized with all the above mentioned symptoms, as well as weakness, depression, constant drowsiness, loss of strength, nervousness, irritability, lasting hunger and thrust, shortness of breath, lasting pain in joints and so on. On this stage, there are pathological changes in the body organs and systems, especially in cardiovascular system.

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