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How Women Over 40 Can Lose Weight Permanently - The Most Important Dangers Preventing Your Success

8/17 17:08:47
Are you a woman over 40? Are you unable to lose as much weight as you抎 like to?
How many times have you tried seriously to lose weight without achieving a permanent result?
When working with women over 40 I see the same dangers to permanent, lasting weight loss over and over?br />
Deficit in Attention, Social Life and Sexuality
Women cover for their emotional needs by eating, which makes it hard to lose weight permanently:
Extend your circle of friends and socialize more often
Cultivate existing friendly relationships
Respect your private life;Put more emphasis on your private life and take time for yourself

Get more sun
Being exposed to light has many healing benefits, and makes it easier to lose weight permanently:
Go outdoors daily, not enough sun creates cravings for sweets
Don抰 wear dark glasses on a dreary day
In wintertime go to a tanning salon from time to time, or get a lamp creating light similar to bright daylight

Too much alcohol
Alcohol is high in calories and causes hunger:
Never drink alcohol when you抮e feeling down or depressed
Drink only on occasion and in social situations, and never drink when you are alone
Avoid beverages high in alcohol content

Hormones and Medicament-Induced Side Effects
Because of hormone changes that come about as we age, it's tougher for women over 40 to lose weight permanently:
If you receive sudden weight gain, consult a physician
If you are taking drugs, talk to your doctor about weight gain as a side-effect of medicine
Never stop taking a drug without the advice of your doctor

Mistakes in Nutrition
Over 40 the body stores fat much better.
Pay detailed attention to your nutrition if you need to lose weight permanently:
Have as much fruit, veggies or whole wheat products as possible
Pay attention to hidden fats, for example in cheese, sausages, cake or packaged food
Use cooking methods that do not need much fat (stewing, steaming). Avoid frying, breading and fat dressings
Avoid empty carbs, for example in white sugar, white flour, white rice, many sweets, white bread or cake
Always understand the label before buying a product and control the calories contained
Avoid refined foods
Artificial sweeteners might stimulate your appetite, so try not to use them

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