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Is Calorie Shifting A Genuine Fat Loss Plan?

8/17 17:07:32

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Calorie Shifting plans have long been?controversial as to their validity for fat loss.
Unlike other diets, calorie shifting does not actually prevent people from eating food. In fact, the method exhorts people to confuse the body with food. Eating, in the calorie shifting method, is a crucial part of the program.
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Is This Just Another Fad!
While many weight watchers felt that this was just another scam that would never gain any momentum.?There have actually been some famous global diet promoters who have gone public trying to scoff the calorie shifting diets effectiveness.
However, the tides have turned.?Several medical authorities have accepted calorie shifting as a genuine program.?Quoting Dr. Theodore Miller, MD, "Calorie shifting was as debatable a method as they come. The Californian fitness center where I am a counselor completely denied telling their clients of such a technique because they never thought it would work. But, tests and researches have completely put rest to such aspersions. The calorie shifting method will probably revolutionize the world of weight loss because it puts no tortuous restrictions on people looking at losing and maintaining their weight."
How Does It Work?
The?calorie shifting method has become easier for the average person to understand.?The idea is to confuse the body with food.?The body develops a routine over time and once that pattern has been established, the body start to store fat thus putting on weight. ?When that routine has been disrupted the body tries to adapt to a different pattern.牋 The method recommends that people should eat at least four meals a day.牋 These meals must have different calorie counts.?Even the daily schedules of eating must be different. One day lunch would be the heaviest meal of the da, while the next day perhaps dinner would be the largest.牋 Dieters should consume up to 10 glasses of water a day while on this plan.
Why Does It Work So Effectively?
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With most diets, the body understands there is a smaller intake of calories.?The consequence is, the body slows down its metabolism.?The body thinks that it is in some sort of crisis.?It then begins storing the food that is already present.?This food is now no longer burnt.?This is reason traditional dieting takes such a long time (if at all) showing positive results.?With calorie shifting, however, the body does experience crisis. It continues its normal metabolism and as a result keeps burning the existing calories.
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Water is necessary with this technique because it helps accelerate the bodies metabolic rate. The calorie shifting technique works because the body's metabolism keeps burning the existing fat, while other programs cause stress on the system.
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Scientist have accepted calorie shifting as practical. In just a few short years since its introduction, calorie shifting has made an entry in the list of diets used in fitness centers, health centers, gyms, and spas where people come to shed fat.
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Calorie shifting has earned its blessing from the medical community.牋 More people have become aware of this technique so popularity is soaring.?Gyms, spas, diet centers have begun promotional activities, so more and more people are becoming aware of it.?The medical world is upbeat about its success since it does not put major restrictions on the dieter.?Soon other diet plans will feel that switching over to the calories shifting technique is a better alternative for them.
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