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Is It Any Wonder The $40 Billion Diet Industry Wants To Keep You Fat?

8/17 17:07:19
The Weight Loss Industry Is Fat With Profit!
I'm irritated?with every commercial I see that boosts that it has the magic answer to shedding fat!?They all are pushing some plan to eat this, eat that, pop this pill, drink this juice, blah, blah, blah. . . But their real goal is to get you to spend more money!
What They Don't Want You To Know!
Food is not the enemy!?It's that easy.?We all need food to survive.?Every time you eat, two types of hormones are activated into the blood stream.?Together they control how the food gets processed.牋 When we eat?we want a greater quantity of?the "Fat Burning Hormones"?while?"Fat Storing Hormones"?are at a minimum.
Most diets simply don't address this simple concept.
How Can We Make That Happen?
It's not so much the quantity of food, but the way we eat.?The food we eat activates or deactivates the "Fat Burning Hormones."牋 The plan I recommend activates the "Fat Burning Hormones" and minimizes the "Fat Storing Hormones" by using a method called "Caloric Shifting."
This method actually encourages you to eat more than three times a day.?Of course you have to heat the right groups of foods for it to work, but I'm not talking about rice cakes, tofu and grass.?This is real food that you have input into planning.
Take The Challenge!
Mark today on your calendar.?Mark your calendar eleven days past today (that's a week and 4 days).?Then I want you?to have a little heart-to-heart talk with yourself and say "In 11 days I will be thinner!"
The biggest road block to losing weight is actually doing something, getting started.?Because this is so easy you can see significan weight loss in just 11 days.?I saw 9 pounds melt away and trust me, if I can do it I'm positive you can too.
Don't be confused by all the diet plans, pills and exercise regiments out there.?Learn about "Caloric Shifting" and train your metabolism to burn fat and not store it.?Simply put, it would take me a half a day to write about the science of how all this works.?But it does work.?You can read all about it in less than 20 minutes and also get a "Caloric Shifting " menu generator for half the regular price.
Your wallet won't suffer any, because this plan is a dirt cheap one-time payment.?There are no special foods to purchase or ongoing pills to buy and did I mention, IT WORKS?

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