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3 Tips For Completing The Master Cleanser Diet

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Despite all the buzz on the internet about the master cleanser diet, completing the program is no easy feat the first few times. In fact for some, this is the most difficult thing that they had ever done in their entire life. As a result, they never completed the master cleanser diet to its full 10 days. The following tips were suggested by master cleanser diet veteran Katie Jones in her book the "Master Cleanse Insider" which I followed to help me get by the initial hurdles of the master cleanser diet.
Goal definition:
Before you start on the master cleanser diet, you should examine why you want to do the master cleanser diet. Many people have good motives for wanting to do the program but motives do not equal success. To be able to complete the master cleanser diet to its end, you need to define your goal, your "Real" reasons for wanting to do this tough diet. Without goals, Katie Jones said this is"...like driving a car to nowhere and somewhere along the way sooner or later we will run out of gas."

Make Small Goals:
Once you have defined your goal or goals, you should try to parcel them out into smaller goals. It is easier to accomplish something if you can measure the level of your success against your goal or goals. And by making your goals small, you find it very much easier to measure your progress. In a way, this is self encouragement. For example, while doing the master cleanser diet, you could strive to complete your program day by day instead of measuring your success towards the entire program. You will see that your hurdle in completing the master cleanser diet is so much more achievable.
Realistic Goal Settings:
After you have defined and set your goals, you should also make sure that your goals are realistic. There is no point in setting those goals if they are fantasy. For this, you have to be honest with yourself as to what is realistic and what is fantasy.
If you want to know more about how to make it easier to do the master cleanser diet, I recommend that you start reading Katie Jones's book "Master Cleanse Insider" for additional tips.

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