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Why Dieting is Not Effective

8/17 17:04:44
When you are on a weight loss program, the two basic goals that you need to achieve are: lose weight (obviously), and maintain your weight after. Weight loss programs include an exercise plan and a diet plan, and you have to religiously follow them in order for you to reach those two goals. But what if you stop the program, because you have done your purpose, or because you don't want to continue? You definitely know that you will gain back your weight in period of time shorter than it took you to lose it. And the painful cycle starts over again.

The effect of dieting is fleeting. Weight loss programs produce temporary results. Consciously following a plan or a list is not a part of your comfortable living. In short, becoming yourself again and not thinking of those things anymore put all of your hard work in vain, like you never took advantage of the program at all and you spent a chunk of your money for nothing.

Dieting and weight loss become useless only when a person doesn't make them a part of their life. This is why I hinted at "consciously following a plan or a list". It stresses the point that they are not something that you do naturally. They become a chore to some people. And this brings about forced results. The effective thing to do is embrace them. This is the reason why there are a lot of options available, so you can choose one that fits naturally into your lifestyle. Don't opt for the temporary solution.

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