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Using Bariatric Centers to Safely Lose Weight

8/17 17:04:29
Nutrtional experts agree that for us to maintain a healthy weight we should be eating sensible portions of healthy foods and by adopting regular exercise routine. But with the abundance of fast food chains, snack machines, television commercials enticing us to try their delicious products, and even an entire television network devoted to the art of preparing food, there is no wonder why Americans turn to bariatric centers for help to lose weight. When those efforts fail, as they often do, we suffer from overweight issues that sometimes escalates to the level of obesity. When this occurs, it is quite possible that surgery is our only option.

One method of bariatric procedure is called gastric bypass surgery. This alters the construction of the digestive system to physically limit the amount of food your stomach can hold and digest. Specifically, it does this by reshaping the stomach so that it can hold less food. This causes the patient to fill full quicker. The formula is simple: the less food you consume means fewer calories. Fewer calories mean fewer pounds and a longer, healthier life.

To determine if bariatric centers are the best solution for you, your doctor will have to assess your situation. You might be a good candidate for this surgery if your body mass index (BMI) is 35 to 39.9 and you have weight-related health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Other candidates for this surgery include the morbidly obese who have a BMI of 40 or higher. A person in this condition would be at higher risk for any surgery and the doctor will determine if the risks are greater than the benefits.

A patient's motivation is a critical part of the weight loss process. A medical team will define important changes in the life ahead of surgery to determine if the patient is willing to do their part. They will require certain restrictions on eating and drinking habits, they will ask to stop smoking or chewing tobacco. And they will develop a plan that increases physical activity. The professionals who work in bariatric centers will get the qualified patient started on the road to a healthy, more wonderful life due to an improved outlook and lifestyle.

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