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How I Lost Weight And Got Google To Pay Me For It

8/17 17:03:59
You are probably thinking right now that this is a bunch of nonsense and I know that it sounds strange, but it is actually a true story. Let me explain how this happened, and by the way, it was not my intention or goal to lose weight it just happened as a result of other efforts.

My story goes back about six months ago. I was laid off of my job and I have been out of work since. Of course with the extra time on my hands I started eating more out of boredom and slight depression. After a few months I noticed that i was packing on some weight, and being a guy I just ignored it and kept doing the same old patterns.

After about three months out of work I decided to give a shot at trying to make money online. Being that I had no extra money to spend I searched for a business that I could do without any out of pocket expenses. I finally stumbled upon this secret site that I will reveal to you later.

Within a week of signing up for this free biz, I had written a couple of newbie class, brief articles on whatever I felt like writing about and I had started a free account with google adsense. Adsense ads were displayed on the border areas of my short articles and if someone clicks on one of those ads they deposited money into my account. I was stunned after the first week to see one dollar and fifteen cents was in my account. Of course I could not retire on this but it sure lit a fire under me and i started writing more short articles. I am not an expert writer by no means, but i am improving with each new article.

Soon all my thoughts were focused on writing higher quality content and doing keyword research for better paying subjects to write about. As I look back I realized that my eating habits had changed because my mind was focused on making some money instead of checking the fridge every couple of hours. This new habit continued and after three months of writing I realized that i had lost the weight that I had gained plus an additional four pounds for a total of fourteen pounds in three months. Plus my google adsense deposits kept growing each week from my articles that I was posting, on average of about two a week.

I have written twenty six articles on various subjects since I started three months ago and my google adsense income keeps growing every week. I know that it is not a lot of money but I am excited about where it is taking me. And I am happy that google is paying me to lose weight. Luckily my wife makes enough money to pay our bills and she is going to let me continue my new skills that I have learned.

If you would like to know what this site is and you want to lose weight like I did just visit my website and get some free tips and free instant access ebooks while you are there and you will get detailed info on the site that I mention in this article. Let google pay you to lose weight and best wishes on your new money making business.

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