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Calorie Counting Is The One Necessary Tool For Losing Weight

8/17 17:03:29
Calorie Counting, when used correctly and on a consistent basis has been the difference between success and failure in many people's lives when it comes to losing weight.
The Calpal calorie counter has sparked the interest of weight loss enthusiasts and athletes because of the simplicity of the unit and the ability to carry it on their person during the day.?In order for people to lose weight and really get control over their eating habits, they have to be consistent and on target with their calorie counting goals every single day.
With the Calpal calorie counter a person carries the device in their pocket, purse, or simply clips the calorie calculator on their clothes.?Having the device on their person, weight loss is manageable and constantly reminds the person to input the total calories their food contains, before they eat it.
The Calpal calorie counter offers their exclusive 24 Calorie Countdown where a person calculates their Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which is the number of calories you burn throughout the day, based on your weight (not accounting for exercise).?This can be calculated on their website. ?Once, you get your calorie deficit number, you enter it into your Calpal Calorie Calculator and each time you eat, you add the calories.?This gives you a running total number of calories consumed.?As you get closer to your total calories allowed for that day, you know it is time to slow down on the calorie consumption.?Ultimately, if you consume fewer calories than you burn each day, you will lose weight.

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