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Why Losing Pounds Matters With Adult Diabetes

8/17 17:03:05
Weightloss is the watchword for most people with adult onset diabetes. You know you should be shedding weight, eating a smaller amount of sugar and exercising. But why is it so arduous? to do this?

Type 2 diabetes tends to surface after a person reaches 40 years old, but not always. Even children are now being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes! That's a sad commentary on our socienty today.

And that is why diabetes and losing weight is so difficult these days; our culture is, "more, bigger, better" which unfortunately includes food serving sizes. It's so easy to just say "super size it, please".

Losing Weight and Diabetes -- Why

You've heard it from your doctor, read it in books and magazines, but here it is again. If you are a type 2 diabetic, you need to be on a weight management system, as well as exercising. You know it, but do you do it?

It's a fact that if working out helps your body better handle the insulin available to it.

The problem many times is fitting the exercise into our daily life. Raise your hand if you've ever said, "Just a few more minute's sleep."

And if your physician has you on medication, it's extremely important that you take it as directed.

So that's the "why" of diabetes and weight loss -- what about the "how".

Diabetes and Losing Weight -- How?

Pick some items from your refrigerator or cupboard and inspect it for sugar. Don't bother with the obvious, but instead look at items that you don't expect (for example - salt). Chances are, if it's a processed food, sugar has been added.

Should you do away with all sugar? That's not realistic for weightloss and dealing with adult onset diabetes. What you want to do is be informed as to how much sugar you are consuming.

A Low Glycemic Plan for Losing Pounds

In the last few years, the idea of consuming a low-glycemic plan has gained quite a bit of momentum among diabetics and non-diabetics alike. To put it another way, it limits the foods with sugar that's quickly metabolized by the body.

By choosing foods that release their sugar into your body more slowly, your blood sugar doesn't swing wildly. This is a big help, when it comes to losing weight and diabetes.

Check With Your Physician

Naturally, if you are under a physician's care for your type 2 diabetes, you need to check with him or her regarding weight loss. Undoubtedly you'll get the green light, but you should be monitored anyway.

Weightloss and diabetes doesn't have to be tough. But you do need to bear in mind what changes you can make, to live a healthier life.

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