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Have you hit the plateau after WLS?

8/17 17:03:04
Feel like you're doing everything right but still the scale is not budging? It's challenging to take off pounds, but it's even more difficult to keep them off.Are you frustrated because the weight loss has just stopped? Most people after weight loss surgery experience plateaus during their attempts to lose weight. If this happens to you, don't be discouraged; it's a normal part of the weight-loss process. These plateaus may last two to three weeks, but they are temporary. During this period, don抰 skip your diet and exercise programs, rather do them seriously.

In the beginning after WLS, as the body adjusts to a new diet, weight loss can be quick. But after a longer period, our bodies simply aren't able to lose much more body fat than that in a shorter period of time.

Don抰 get frustrated, don抰 lose heart. Loosing weight is not an overnight phenomenon; it takes months, even years, to loose that added weight. Staying with the program during these critical periods is essential if you want to continue to lose weight in the long run. The most important thing is not to panic, but to refocus, gather information, regroup and rededicate yourself to losing the weight once again.

Set realistic goal that are specific and achievable. Keeping track on your progress can also help you stay motivated. If you have unrealistic expectations, you will easily become frustrated.

If you know you need a healthier lifestyle but you have no idea where to start, then these tips for starting out will really get you going.

1. Follow a diet program seriously: You have to follow a successful diet program to provide the essential nutrients your body needs. A safe and effective weigh-loss program should include a sensible eating plan that cuts down on calories without eliminating entire nutritious foods or food groups.

2. Follow an Exercise routine: Exercise plays a vital role to burn fat. One way to try to overcome these plateaus is to increase your level of exercise. Sooner or later, most people make it through this period and continue to lose weight.

3. Increase your activity level-Do something or the other. For example if you are exercising for 20 minutes each day, increase that to 25-30 minutes eachday and you may experience weight loss.

4. Calorie intake- please check if your calorie intake is adequate. 5. Lifestyle changes- Managing life after weight loss surgery requires significant lifestyle changes and modifications in daily habits. Follow the recommended dietary, exercise and lifestyle guidelines set by your bariatric surgeon, nutritionist, therapist and other bariatric support staff.

6. Need psychological changes: To make this kind of effort successful, it requires not only a physical change and diet change, but also mental or psychological change.

In addition to all of these, follow up with support groups, with lay people, as well as motivational life coaches, and exercise therapists and personal fitness trainers are all exceedingly valuable in keeping the momentum going and promoting and maintaining the weight loss.

As frustrating as weight loss plateaus are, they are normal physiological occurrences. That抯 why it is always important to change up your diet and exercise routine in order to keep your body from adapting. By using one of the strategies listed above you will be able to break through your plateaus and continue to lose weight.

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