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Which Calorie Counter Do You Choose For Success?

8/17 17:02:57
The Calpal Calorie Counter has all three elements listed above, plus a whole lot more.?This particular calorie counter has an exclusive 24 Hour calorie countdown mode which allows the user to input the total number of calories the are allowed to eat each day, based on their body weight.?When you purchase your Calpal calorie counter, you will want to go to their website?in order to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR.?This calculation figures out the number of calories you burn each day based on your weight; not accounting for exercise.
The exclusive 24 hour calorie countdown lets you start each day by entering your total calories calculation for the day into the unit.?As you eat food during the day, you will have a running total, informing you when you are creeping up on your total allowable calories for that 24 hour period.
"The Calpal calorie counter is also small enough to carry with you all day long, every day.?The unit is about the size of small pack of gum, only a little shorter, which is great.?I put my Calpal in my pocket every morning just like I do with Chapstick, and all through the day I simply input my calories as I eat them.?This keeps me disciplined on my weight loss goals and I have been eating a lot better ever since.?I never realized how many calories a Chipotle burrito had."?Marcus says.
He mentions one more thing, "When looking for a calorie counter, consider the Calpal calorie counter.?This unit eliminates the hassles of keeping calorie diaries, and having to input your notes into a program on the computer every day.?To lose weight and have fun in the process, I fully believe that the Calpal digital calorie tracker is the way to go."

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