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How to Lose Weight: Lose Belly Fat Over 40

8/17 17:02:56
How to lose weight- I get many emails from women over 40 asking this question. At this age the unwanted body fat often accumulates on the stomach.

Do you want to lose belly fat over age 40? You'll frequently get the advice to do crunches and other exercises targeting the ab muscles. Will these exercises answer the question "How to lose weight?"

At first sight, that's logical. You're exercising a body part, so the fat on this body part is getting less. Unfortunately our metabolism doesn't work that way:

It is not possible to burn fat in just one region of your body. Where you will gain weight and where you lose it depends on your constitution, it s in the genes. Over 40 this genetic program is getting stronger and stronger. Especially in women over 40 the genetic program often leads to building up fat on top of the stomach- urging them to ask: How to lose weight?

"I want to lose belly fat" is something I hear very often- but, unfortunately, it is not possible to lose fat on a body part. All we can do is to get an overall slim body (what is an ever better result anyway than just lose belly fat).

If you ask yourself: How to lose weight- are crunches efficient? Crunches are wonderful to strengthen the core muscles around your belly. To get a nicely formed physique, many exercises for the abdominal muscles will help you accomplish that. You might consider doing physical exercises for the back in addition, so front and back of your midsection are becoming strong. This will improve posture and prevent lower back pain. The latter is very common for people over 40; we sit more as we should.

In comparison crunches are not the most time-efficient thing to do when you want to lose weight. The stomach muscles are relatively small, so if you spend 15 minutes on crunches you burn much less calories as if you'd spend 15 minutes working at your leg muscles. In the same amount of time, you leg muscles will burn more calories. If you are asking yourself: How to lose weight than crunches won't help you much.

If you consider doing crunches, do it for the right reason: To strengthen your midsection. If you want to lose weight permanently, better exercise the bigger muscles on your body.

In this short article I gave you some ideas on how to lose weight.

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