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Free Weight Loss Info: The Way Calories Work

8/17 17:02:18
Read below about how calories really work. It's free weight loss info that will help you lose body fat.

Our body needs energy to be able to do all our daily tasks. What's more, a certain amount of energy is also needed for the routine functions of our internal organs. Every little things we do each day require a little more energy from our body.

Our body gets the energy to perform these tasks from the calories in the food. Think of your body as a car and the food/calories you consume as gas. You won't have the energy needed to perform even the simplest things if you don't have gas. However, the tank can overflow if there is too much gas.

Free Weight Loss Info: What happens to the calories that we consume?

When we consume calories, there are two things that can happen:

One, the calories are instantly converted into energy that will fuel the body.

The next is that the calories are put aside for the future energy needs of the body.

When you constantly overfill your tank, you end up with a sizeable surplus that has to be stored; it usually finds a place on your hips, stomach, or thighs. What we need to do is to resist the temptation to fill our tanks up each day, so that we can begin using the excess amount that we have stored.

If you use a bit of that excess each day, you will eventually be able to achieve your desired levels of body fat by means of constant reduction. To put it simply, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn as energy everyday, so that your body taps into the excess calories it has stored as fat.

The trouble is that if you are used to "filling up" every day, this can take a lot of willpower. It is also important to remember that this is simple math; it has nothing to do with the type of gas that you are using.

So, it doesn't matter where the excess calories from, it could be spinach or French fries, the body will store it is as fat if it does not need it to function.

Free Weight Loss Info: What is the proper calorie deficit for you?

Although it is important to create a calorie deficit, you don't want to go overboard and trigger your body's "famine response." If you cut down on too many calories, as a natural survival response to conserve energy, your body will slow down the rate at which it burns fat.

So, you'll in effect end up burning less fat and storing more at the same time. It is best to ensure a slight deficit everyday; in this way, fat will be burned but the body's natural survival response won't be triggered.

If you keep your calorie consumption in the range of 300?00 calories less than the amount needed by the body to maintain your current body weight, you're on the right track. This can be much easier to cut out than you think. You'll find that you eliminate up to 200?00 unnecessary calories by simply cutting out soda or fruit juices from your diet and slightly reducing the portions you eat at meals. This is the most basic piece of free weight loss info you can get.

By eliminating these calories in small daily chunks, as advised in the above free weight loss info, you will be able to lose more fat and retain more muscle mass than you would with a restrictive "crash" diet.

Free weight loss info: The bottom line

Burn more calories than you take in by slightly reducing your daily caloric intake and increasing your activity level. As long as you accomplish this on a consistent basis, you will start dropping the pounds.

There is so much free weight loss info out there, but learning how to create a proper caloric deficit is the most critical piece of the entire puzzle.

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