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Learn the Right Way to Eat to Lose Weight Fast

8/17 17:01:56
Gaining weight and retaining fat is unique to each individual and is determined by his or her genetic code. The way our body sees it, we have not changed from being the hunter-gatherers we were thousands of years back!

If our bodies felt a severe drop in our daily caloric intake, it was important for our metabolism to stop burning calories quickly so that we could up our odds of making it through.

Today, that same survival tactic comes into play whenever we go on a crash diet (severely limiting what we eat to lose weight fast); this is because our bodies still think that another famine has arrived. Almost instantly, our metabolism will slow down in an attempt to conserve energy.

If you are thinking, "I'll limit what I eat to lose weight fast," it will only work against you since your body will burn fewer calories and store more fat.

To top that, fat wins as the body's preferred storage mode of energy; so you can safely assume that almost 40% of the tissue burned in your attempts to not eat to lose weight fast will be your lean muscle mass. Since muscle is metabolically active tissue that burns calories on its own, this is far from a good thing.

Moreover, this muscle mass is what makes your body look fit and trim, so it's important to retain it rather than lose it. Consider this scenario: A person weighing 165 pounds and with much lean muscle and little fat will look considerably thinner and healthier than someone weighing 125 pounds with more fat and less lean muscle.

After your crash diet, you might be surprised to find that you weigh less but look fatter than you did before the diet. Plus, you've programmed your body to store fat, thereby damaging your metabolism. Once you start eating normally again, your body will be more prone to gaining weight.

Forget what weight loss marketers and diet pill pushers tell you, fad diets are a recipe for weight gain. If you have decided to not eat to lose weight fast, you're heading on a road which will ensure the contrary.

You can definitely find a healthy method to eat to lose weight fast, but the process may not be as quick as you think.

You need a sustainable weight loss plan, one that is realistic and can be customized to your lifestyle. Find something enjoyable so that you can incorporate it in your daily routine.

Concentrate on eating healthier, exercising regularly, and not losing more than 2 lbs of fat per week. It may sound rather simple, but the fact is that if you really work at maintaining maximum of your muscle mass, you will be surprised at how rapidly you will improve your appearance.

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