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Preparing for Weight Gain When Dieting

8/17 17:01:17
Is preparing for weight gain, planning for diet failure? Actually it is not planning for failure, it is a way of learning to work with your self instead of working against yourself. When you know an event or holiday is coming up and you know you will be going off your diet, plan ahead.

There are different events and holidays that dieters go off their diet. These are some of them:

聲 Christmas
聲 Thanksgiving
聲 New Year聮s Eve
聲 Birthday party
聲 Picnic
聲 Wedding
聲 Graduation party
聲 Retirement party

Some holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas include traditions that include good food and food that is often only served around the holidays. Other holidays and events provide temptation because of the variety and amount of food that is offered. A holiday like New Year聮s Eve and events like weddings often offer alcohol, which can add to the daily calorie intake. To avoid the guilt of going off your diet and risk not getting back to your diet, plan ahead.

Especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is best to plan ahead so that you can enjoy the holidays and the traditional food without guilt and excessive weight gain. One of the best things to do is to start early and loose some extra weight before the holidays begin. When this is accomplished, gaining a small amount of weight around the holidays won聮t set you back on your weight loss goals.

At any event or holiday gathering, eat in moderation. There is no reason that you can聮t eat the different foods, just do it in small portions. You don聮t need to fill up plate after plate. Start with salad and other low calorie foods that are available, that why you won聮t be as hungry when you get to the high calorie dishes. This will lessen the chance of binge eating. If appropriate, take home some food to eat the next day, so you don聮t feel deprived with your small portions. Deserts are a good item to take home and have with coffee in the morning. You will have all day to work off the calories!

Chances are that you are not the only one who is watching calories at the party, event, or holiday gathering. Organize a walk before or after the meal to burn off the calories. Walking also helps energetic kids calm down, so invite them to join you. Remember to bring your walking or fitness shoes so that you can comfortably walk.

When starting a preventive fitness and weight loss program before the holidays, wear a toning shoe like Stepgym to maximize the workout and increase the calories being burned. Order your Stepgym shoe today.

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