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Exercise for Life!

8/17 17:01:04
It's great to go to the gym and to devote a few hours a week specifically to working out, but even more important than that is changing your habits so you're living a more active, and less lazy lifestyle. Here's how:

At home: Fire your cleaning lady. If you devote just a half hour every few days to cleaning the floors, washing windows, and dusting, you'll get the work that your cleaning person does in a few hours spread out over the week. You'll burn calories and save money!

At the office: Drink lots of water - it'll keep you hydrated (which may give you more energy) and will force you to take frequent walks to the bathroom, allowing you to get up and stretch. Also, rather than eating your lunch at your desk, consider taking a nice walk and finding a shaded park bench on which to eat.

A few more general tips:

?Take the stairs rather than the elevator, even if it's just part way.
?Walk short to medium distances (and long when you have time) rather than drive.
?Get down on the floor and play with your children more actively.
?Watch less television.
?Get a dog卆nd walk it a lot!
?Think of fun, non-gym workout ideas that you can enjoy with other people梙orseback riding, jogging, playing at the park, dancing, swimming, even shopping can be good exercise!
?Stretch and do floor exercises before you go to bed.
?Start off your day with a burst of energy. People who wake up and laze around for hours with a cup of coffee are less likely to all of a sudden "go active" for the rest of their day. Start off with a brisk walk around the block before showering and enjoying your coffee.
?Lose weight. Some diet pills (which you can buy at an online drugstore) will help you lose weight and provide you with more energy for working out.

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