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Calorie Counter That Works And Gets Results

8/17 17:01:02
If a person is searching for a calorie counter, there are some very essential elements to consider; cost, ease of use, size, and ultimately, results.
Nichole, "I purchased my calorie counter just two weeks ago and have already lost over eleven pounds.?My Calpal goes with me everywhere.?I didn't realize how many calories I was eating every day; I was shocked.?I have made it a habit to input all the calories I eat and at the end of the day I know, without a doubt, if I lost weight or gained weight.?Just the other day, I realized that my calorie deficit wasn't high enough, so I went to the gym and worked out.?This calorie counter got me back on track with my weight loss goals."
The Calpal calorie counter offers the exclusive 24 Hour Calorie Countdown.?Each day you start off by inputting your calorie deficit number, according to your weight, height, and age.?As a person goes through their day, they simply enter the number of calories they consume and they receive a visual sum leading up to their allowed calorie intake.?If you go over that number, you know immediately that you did not lose weight that day, but on the flip-side if you stay under your number, congratulations, because you know without a doubt that you lost weight.
This calorie counter comes with the Pocket Calorie Guide which is the size of a business card.?The easy to use Calorie guide contains almost every popular food item, the calories they contain and also has a small chart of how many calories you burn doing everyday activities.?So as a person goes through the day, they have a very easy reference guide to accurately input the calories they consume.
For more information and to purchase to your?Calorie Counter today, please visit their website Calpal.com today.

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