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Law of Attraction Weight Loss: Elevating Your Thoughts

8/17 17:00:14
One of the more challenging aspects of using the Law of Attraction for weight loss is understanding how your thoughts progress from "fat thoughts" to "thin thoughts".

You may have spent the past several years thinking thoughts like this: "I'm so fat; I HAVE to lose this weight; I'm so sick of being overweight; I'm so sick of my clothes not fitting; I'm so sick of feeling bad about myself." And these thoughts are nowhere near where they need to be in order to manifest that slender, gorgeous body you desire.

You are resonating the essence of "unhappiness with my body" to the universe, and that is all the universe can return to you!

Instead, to manifest a slender body, your thoughts must be more like this: "Wow I feel good about myself! I love my body. I feel so energetic and strong. I feel so sexy and beautiful. I love being slender and fit."

However, you cannot jump straight from the "fat thoughts" straight to the "thin thoughts". They are miles apart, vibrationally speaking.

To move into a "thinner" state of mind, you'll need to work consistently on improving your thoughts so that you can bridge the gap between fat and thin, unhappy and happy, dissatisfied and satisfied, unattractive and sexy.

Imagine that elevating the frequency of your thoughts is like walking up a flight of stairs. You'll start with one simple thought, like: "I want to feel good about my body."

Now, move up to the next step by choosing a thought that's a little bit better: "I do appreciate my body for being so resilient, even when I don't treat it so well."

Now choose another one that's even better: "I want to start treating my body with respect and love."

Better still: "My body deserves to be treated well; I deserve to be treated well."

NOW you are starting to move into the vicinity of "thin thoughts" and you can start focusing on those:

"I can imagine what it would feel like to be really healthy, fit and strong."

"I would love being able to slip into a pair of skinny jeans and feel great about my body."

"I would love to have more energy and feel good about my body all the time."

"Just thinking about these things makes me feel light and free!"

As you read these words, can you feel a shift happening within you? Almost a sensation of the atmosphere around you beginning to lighten up?

Working with this process every day will gradually begin shifting your dominant focus regarding your body - from heavy, unattractive and unhappy, to light, sexy and joyful - and the Law of Attraction will begin delivering corresponding results - i.e. that gorgeous body you desire!

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