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Black coffee and skin cancer

8/17 16:59:26
Black, big and strong as it is, not always fun to be coffee. They say it is addictive, stimulant, stimulating the nervous system and heart. At least now it gets a little satisfaction, two studies found an association between coffee consumption, lower chances of skin cancer.!br>

So drink Turkish coffee

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide, especially in sunny countries, that is caused by cumulative exposure to UV sunlight (UV). There are 1,000,000 new cases of skin cancer in the United States every year. Skin cancer is divided into several categories.
The most common are based Thai cancer (basal cell carcinoma), squamous Thai cancer (squamous cell carcinoma), called nonmelanoma skin cancers. The third type, called melanoma.
The study was conducted at Wayne (Wayne State University) in the United States began in 1990. Professor Ernest Abel (Ernest Abel) and his colleagues examined the relationship between coffee consumption and nonmelanoma skin cancer. 77 000 post-menopausal women in the study, reported coffee consumption habits or their tea, smoking habits, age, body mass index (BMI), place of residence, have you ever been diagnosed nonmelanoma skin cancer.
Someone wise once told me a cup of coffee a day is not terrible, but it's still 30 cups of coffee a month.
According to this study, it appears that some more, the better. Consumption of coffee a day, was associated with a decrease of 5% at risk for skin cancer.
Consumption of six cups of coffee a day, was associated with a decline of 30% at risk for skin cancer. This relationship was not drinking tea or decaffeinated coffee.
These researchers did not test coffee contains components that may prevent cancer, so early to talk about cause and effect. To prove it unequivocally, further studies will need to edit the subject

It is all in the sport

Another study conducted in July 2007,also found a connection between the prevention of skin cancer and consumption of coffee, this time a combination of physical activity. The study was conducted on mice that the division into three groups. One group drank the same amount of coffee and human consumption of up to two cups per day, the second group dealt with physical activity (running on a wheel), the negative group wanted drank. All groups were exposed to UV radiation using lighting, skin cells, causing impaired development of precancerous cells. Observed among all groups of the death process of these cells, but the dramatic mortality rate is among the most prominent third group.
The researchers suggest that the combination of coffee and exercise work better together to prevent cancer, rather than individually, but also in this study, long hidden visible. 'This mechanism is still a mystery to us, but that progress in knowledge about cancer. should continue to explore the integration between them, only then can we take this next step, testing the effect on humans, ' explains researcher Allen Connie (Allan Conney) Rutgers University (Rutgers University). Maybe too early to stop using protection coefficients, but if two studies say the same thing, maybe there's something.
So, to make a short story - Dring black and pure coffee, it will make you feel better, gather more energy, and basically, stay in shape!

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