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Olive Oil: How to choose and what kind is best?

8/17 16:59:24
Over the past decade our relationship with the olive oil became close. We learned to respect it, recognize the importance, requiring it in the kitchen (and on), look for it in consumer products, to visit its sources and even to around celebrations, competitions and festivals.!br>Some comparing this approach to our relationship with the wine industry. Wine consumption climbed dramatically in recent decades, and is currently the heart of public and scientific consensus. More and more people who drank wine had begun to integrate it on the menu, developed around a rich gastronomic culture, and health benefits have been studied and researched extensively.
Now, it seems that the olive oil goes through a similar process. While we used to sprinkle a little on the plate of salad vegetables, today, after which paved its way steadily to the top of the culinary world, you can find it in a variety of fancy foods: pastries, cookies and even ice cream.

Olive oil is good fat king

The first shot to bring signs of change for oil fired in the late 60th century, when research 'seven countries' compare the nutritional composition, mortality from heart and blood vessels among the thousands of men aged 59-40 in some countries.
The findings showed that in Finland the highest mortality rate, while the island of Crete the lowest mortality rate. When checked the subjects' diet, found a similar rate of oil consumption in all countries surveyed. However, Finland consumed mainly saturated fat (found in fat meats, butter and high-fat cheeses), and mainly consumed in Crete olive oil.
Over the past decade continued to explore the Mediterranean diet (based on fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, legumes, grains, seeds and olive oil of course). Most studies have shown unequivocally that a diet based primarily on a monounsaturated fat, olive oil is its largest source, is of value to health and helps lower blood cholesterol, balances blood sugar and protects the heart and blood vessels.
A few years ago, announced the World Health Organization Mediterranean diet is the best model for health diet. So how much fat you should consume? Three teaspoons a day.

Yes, you should fry in olive oil

The myth that olive oil is not good for frying shattered in recent years, and now the message is clear (and reverse): If you already frying, preferably olive oil. The explanation: all oil certain degree of resistance to high temperatures, defined by the smoking point. Extra virgin olive oil very high smoking point, 200-190 degrees. Therefore, olive oil resistant to breaking down toxic materials than other oils.
Therefore, foods that require little cooking, such as scrambled eggs, sauteed vegetables or fritters minutes, preferably fried in olive oil using a low flame.

More species, more flavors

Early last century, there were a total of three strains designated for production of olive oil: Syria (balm), Nabala Muhsen and Lecia. Currently sold in some 1,500 varieties for olives, and in more than 20 species - half of them entered the industry over the past decade, some imported from Europe and some have been developed in greenhouses.
Varieties differ in taste, size, shape, area growth and maturation if the harvest date. These differences affect the taste for olive oil: Generally, as the fruit is green, the more he will provide strong flavors, bitter and more powerful. The more ripe (black), so the taste of the oil will be more mild and fruity.

Doctors salute

Olive oil and cosmetic properties attributed healing properties since the dawn of history (Cleopatra used oil through the body and hair), and in grandmother medicine cabinet olive oil keep pride of place. It is an excellent means of prevention and aid in healing a wide spectrum of problems and diseases, from lesions and dry skin, through treatments infections (such as ear infections) to disorders in the digestive tract.
Studies have confirmed that it was indeed one of the most prominent fighters in aging, cardiovascular disease and lowering cholesterol, diabetes, and even Some attribute his ability to prevent breast cancer and colon cancer. The reason lies in part as a powerful antioxidant-rich polyphenols and vitamin type E.
Recently found that the oil component of the body acting as ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory enzymes involved in depressing pain and inflammatory response. Therefore it can be used for healing as well as is straight from the bottle: digestive problems, for example, folk medicine recommends a spoonful of olive oil in the morning, And with sore throat - mix olive oil with crushed garlic and swallow.

How to choose your olive oil

  1. Look for quality character for Olive Council. The Council provides quality character manufacturer after random quality tests (some tests and some chemical laboratory sensory tests), which has been shown that the oil is valid.

  2. Please note the expiry date. According to the Ministry of Health, after Shmbkbkim the oil - one year validity. Validity of the olive oil Bfc: a year and a half.

  3. Examined the degree of sourness. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered to have the highest degree of quality, and its acidity level is up 0.8%.

  4. Olive oil preferred a dark bottle. The light breaks down the fat and causes the release of unpleasant odors.

  5. Store in the shade. Store olive oil in a dark, until a temperature of 35 degrees.

Learn to distinguish between the qualities

Despite being a basic product, the olive oil gets more and more recognition as a component of luxury. While previously all the olive oil jug roadside caught acquired an authentic product, we now know that there are different levels of oil production qualities, and actually sold a bottle if the road could be spoiled by exposure to heat and serve.
Unfortunately, we have quite a few fakes on the market. For example, oils containing 10% olive oil, and other oil is extracted from soy or other oils. Fraud is likely to endanger our health since some counterfeiters inserted the oil chemicals that give the green 'convincing'. It is therefore important to look for the character quality of the Plant Board.
Responsibility for selling counterfeit product rests with the dealer. If you bought a suspected counterfeit product, You'd better call the manufacturer that his products have been fabricated. So it is better to buy in familiar places, and choose products which are manufacturer information.

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