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{Fat loss pills and diet pills come in a variety of shapes and sizes

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Weight reduction pills and diet pills are available in in many different shapes and sizes. Weight reduction pills are designed to help you to cut down and control your weight. Weight reduction pills are categorised as 慸ietary supplements.?This means that they do not have to be approved by the FDA. Producers of drug products do have to seek FDA approval which involves providing proof that the product is safe and effective. With a dietary supplement the only condition is that the labelling is truthful and not misleading.
Weight reduction pills are occasionally referred to as anti obesity drugs. A number of weight loss pills have to be prescribed by a doctor but there are a significant number that are freely available from a number of different outlets. For many years a large number of weight loss pills contained Ephedra which has been used in Chinese medicine for over five thousand years to treat a wide variety of illnesses and ailments. In 2004 however the FDA banned the sale of weight reduction pills containing Ephedra in the USA following a number of deaths that were linked to the drug. Products are still available for purchase that are designed to closely mimic the properties of Ephedra.
A vast proportion of the products today contain mainly herbal ingredients which are free of unpleasant or dangerous side effects.
The two main kinds of weight loss pills used are fat burners and hunger suppressants.
Fat burners work by increasing your body temperature a little which raises your metabolism and results in some of your excess fat being burned off. Doctors will on occasion prescribe fat burners to patients suffering from obesity who are not able to exercise. The top fat burners will also help to condition and regulate your metabolic rate so as that you are able to maintain your weight.
Appetite suppressants work by helping you control your desire to eat. These types of pills and supplements are generally reffered to as being 慳norectic?which comes from a Greek word that can be translated as 'having no appetite'. Hunger suppressants are specifically designed to make you feel full with a lower food intake. Eating smaller amounts obviously reduces your intake of calories which promotes weight reduction.
Some of the products that you can buy perform as fat burners and hunger suppressants. The makers of Capsiplex ,which is recognised as being one of the top fat burners, state that you can burn up an extra 278 calories a day purely by taking Capsiplex pills.
If you prefer to use hunger suppressants like Uniquehoodia it is possible to decrease your calorie intake by up to 2000 calories per day and not feel hungry.
Although it is quite possible to reduce your weight by just ingesting weight reduction pills and supplements it is recommended to lose weight with pills in conjunction with a properly formulated diet and a sensible exercise programme. This will accelerate the rate of weight loss and also assist you in maintaining your body weight once you have reached your target weight. You should always set yourself sensible weight loss goals and do not attempt to lose too much fat too quickly. It is advisable to lose no more than 3-5 lbs per week for most people.

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