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6 Ways Make You Reduce Sedentary Time

8/17 16:58:09
Sedentary makes you fat, and increases the risk of many chronic diseases. Want to change this way hazards the health? The following ways are reduce sedentary times, which are from easy to difficult.

1. Keep more walking when you make call
If you keep talking on the phone at home, the best is use wireless phone, or use a very long phone line, so you can walk and chat.
When you answer the phone or even just standing there, you can naturally change leg, so that activities can be considered to increase your time.

2. Walk for a while after dinner
Lipid levels after a meal is the highest body of the time simply move around, you can increase the activity of lipoprotein lipase, which stimulates the body's metabolism.

3. Select the bar seating
If you can, try to choose the bar dining seats, or just sit in a chair before the third position; feet to the wide open position in the hip, so the legs will be able to generate some support for the weight, then slowly to the top of the hip forward, while keeping the back straight up.

4. Do not count on a chair
Whether you go to concerts, jazz concerts, or the park, do not hurry to find seats. You will find, if you do not seat, you have to stand watching the show, or a natural event was back and forth in place.

5. Do something by yourself
With online shopping or takeout, or call the office to communicate with colleagues, you might as well stand up to do these things. Come to my colleagues at the table talking about things, or talk while walking out along with the recommendation.

As long as two weeks, you will love obsession with work.

6. Create activity areas
These areas can also be at the tables. This approach allows you to do day activities in different locations.
You can create a stand for their own work area (try to put in a cardboard box on the table, put your computer in the above), sit on a high stool, "rest" (to the monitor that plug several book, so you can work), if possible, the best is standing to see those "so very important" memo.
Make the time to sit cross-legged natural pelvis forward, keep the spine S-shaped. According to your preferences, you can switch legs cross.

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