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5 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Fast Weight Loss

8/17 16:57:44
When it comes to weight loss, most people fall short or accomplish their goals using a program that is not sustainable or healthy. The result of many 鈥榪uick fix鈥?diets is that some or a lot of weight is lost but it鈥檚 not lost in a way that is healthy for the body.

Many people don鈥檛 realize this as they are under the impression that you must lose weight to get healthy when in reality the opposite is true. You must get healthy in order for your body to be able to properly burn fat and lose weight 鈥?permanently.

Avoiding certain foods will not only help you shed the pounds but can also help reduce chronic pain, improve sleep and boost energy, and do it very quickly.

According to Dr. Eric Berg, author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, there two basic type of problems with weight that need to be addressed:
1. Fat
2. Water Weight

The first issue, fat, is typically a problem with glands and fat burning hormones that are not functioning correctly. The second issue, water weight or fluid retention, is a problem of sodium and potassium imbalance. This can also be associated with gland and hormone issues.

For each gram of sugar you consume, your body must hold or retain double the amount of water. So sugar causes a massive amount of water retention. This is why when you eliminate sugars, you lose weight so fast 鈥?this is water weight.

The Goal

The reality is that for most overweight people, the hormones and metabolism are not working like they should 鈥?whether from past habits, or genetic weaknesses, or something else. You will not be able to lose on a 鈥榖alanced鈥?diet or a 鈥榩ractical鈥?diet until these fat-burning hormones are being release again.

So the obvious goal is to ingest more of the foods that will help restore the health of your body which in turn will help you naturally burn fat normally. In other words, stimulate your fat burning hormones again. The other goal is to avoid the foods that lead to water and fat retention in the first place.

It can also be a waste of time to exercise if your fat burning hormones are shut off. Ever known someone who exercises all the time but still can lose the weight. Sure they are building muscle mass and burning some calories but until the glands that regulate fat burning are 鈥榯urned on,鈥?it won鈥檛 help nearly as much as it could or should and will largely be a wasted effort.

Do Not Eat List

Let鈥檚 face it, this is a list that most of us know but often choose to ignore. Nonetheless, while some body types can get away with more than others, as a general rule everything on this list is a no-no.

This includes all sugars, the worst of which is white. Honey is a little better but remember it is still sugar so if you use it do it sparingly to just sweeten something a little that desperately needs it. If you want to know if something has sugar in it, just look at the nutritional facts on the back for quick insight or even look at the ingredients.

By the way, any food that has high fructose corn syrup in the ingredient list, suffice it to say that you are basically shutting off your fat burning hormones and sparking your fat storing ones when you take it into your body.

This is a tough one for most people. The reason is that people crave it and once that craving comes a calling it鈥檚 tough to resist. This happens primarily with fast burning carbohydrates and those are the primary ones you should avoid. They include:

鈥?Cereal (most)

Due to the lactose sugar, milk, yogurt, and most cheeses are not great options for most body types when trying to lose weight. A few times a week you can consume non-fat Greek yogurt. But you really need to opt for plain yogurt. Once you get it flavored there is typically a lot of sugar in there. One way to make it go down a little easier is by adding a few berries, some crushed walnuts or almonds and even a tiny bit of honey is you just can live without that slight sweetness.

Pretty much all fried foods are bad. So having said that you just flat out have to avoid them. If you are going to cook something in oil, just make it olive oil and even better, make it cold pressed extra virgin olive oil!

While many people give salads a go to improve their health and lose weight, the reality is that most take in more calories than they would have with another meal selection. The main reason is the salad dressing they select. To make it easy just stick with the non-flavored (i.e. raspberry) olive oil and vinegar dressing. Sound boring? Try a few of these great items to sprinkle on your salad to make it more palatable.

鈥?sea salt (a great source of electrolytes)
鈥?parmesan cheese (1 Tbsp. has 2g of protein and zero carbs)
鈥?feta cheese (1/4th cup has 7g of protein and zero sugars)

Regardless of if you want to lose 5 pounds or 105 pounds. Or, if you need to change your eating and dietary habits to avoid preventable illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease, learning your body type to determine which fat burning hormones and which organs and glands are not functioning properly is a critical first step to get healthy and lose weight fast.

If you have any questions about the Health Coach Body Type Weight Loss program, visit our website.

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