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An Adventure Weight Loss Camp for Adults

8/17 16:57:42
It-#39;s impossible to open a magazine or turn on the television without being bombarded with advertisements for weight loss aids, supplements and diets that promise slimmer trimmer waistlines. Part of the difficulty with weight loss is that people don't fully understand what is involved. There are many diet myths and short term solutions but these methods often don-#39;t work or aren-#39;t sustainable in the long run.

But there are programs available that do work in helping individuals reach realistic and sustainable weight loss goals and achieve a healthier lifestyle - permanently. Mountain Trek in British Columbia is a weight loss camp for adults that offers a truly comprehensive package combining outdoor experiences, indoor training and assessment, a sensible effective food plan, de-stressing and detoxifying, and a motivational mindset. Their program promises a kick start to healthy living, weight loss, and vitality.

Billed as a weight loss boot camp, Mountain Trek employs a wilderness hiking fitness regime that is complemented with nutrition and stress management for a complete transformation in health and wellness. The highly regarded program while focusing on lifestyle change, also offers participants an active adventure vacation.

Daily four hour hikes explore the wonders of the mountain alpine. Guests travel past and through old growth forests with centuries old standing cedar, glacier fed rivers and an abundance of flora and fauna accompanied with stunning mountain vistas. Hikes put guests back in touch with nature and foster feelings of deep connection with the world and oneself.

Returning to the lodge at the end of a hike, guests are treated to calorie controlled spa cuisine. Meals designed by Mountain Trek-#39;s dietitian and prepared by chefs are carefully constructed to provide the full amount of energy required for maximum daily output while ensuring healthy weight loss. Cutting edge lectures in nutrition, wellness and fitness provide education, insight and tools required to take much of the program home and implement it into daily life.

The structured regime of this weight loss boot camp guarantees results. After one week at Mountain Trek women shed 6 to 8 pounds on average and men shed 8 to 10. The emotional wellness and stress reduction that also occurs is an added benefit and core part of the teachings.

Whether on the trail or at the lodge, guests are in the constant care of a highly trained staff that are passionate about their mission. Small groups allow individuals to reach their personal goals in an intimate environment and supportive atmosphere. Detox facilities, massage, a fully equipped gym with 24 hour access and classes in wellness provide the extra tools and to maximize fitness and weight loss while improving all over wellness.

Mountain Trek weight loss camp for adults is designed for the individual who is ready to embrace a lifestyle change. For 20 years they have provided both a a boot camp structured, fitness and weight loss retreat combined with a stress free, healthy, active hiking vacation. This proven week long program boasts fresh air, rigorous hiking, a daily dose of yoga, and healthy eating for a transformation of body, mind, and spirit.

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