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FAQ by Those Considering Hypnosis for the First Time

8/17 16:56:03
Most people are aware of the benefits of hypnosis for solving a whole host of psychological issues. But what frequently concerns people when they are considering going under hypnosis themselves is that they are a little bit unsure of exactly what it is. There are also a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis out there that don't exactly encourage people to find out. I will now outline the answers to the most frequently asked questions by those considering hypnosis for the first time.

What Are the Genuine Benefits of Hypnosis?

Probably the most significant question that people ask when first thinking about going under hypnosis is what are the genuine benefits of doing so. A very simple description of hypnosis is that it allows the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind to cooperate. Simply allowing this to take place is incredibly relaxing and therefore therapeutic. But this is really only the beginning of what can be achieved with hypnosis. Quitting smoking, losing weight, removing harmful thought processes, increasing positive thinking and even becoming more confident have all been achieved with hypnosis.

What is the Hypnotic State?

Many people assume that a hypnotic state is this incredibly complex thing when in fact they have actually been in one many times without knowing it. A hypnotic state is essentially when higher frequency brain waves are reduced and the "noise" that we generally hear in our minds when we are awake is reduced. This occurs many times throughout an average day. For example it is the same as when you are completely absorbed in a book or a TV show, everything else is simply tuned out.

Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

The hypnotic state is completely natural and there has not been a single case in history of anybody ever being harmed by being hypnotized. The American Medical Association concurs with this, stating that it is both safe and has no known side effects.

Can I Be Forced to Do Something Against My Will?

While choosing a reputable hypnotist ensures that nobody would attempt to make you do anything against your will, the fact is that it is not even possible anyway. When in a hypnotic state, your conscious mind is still very much in control and is aware of everything that is happening. Therefore if the person hypnotizing you was to ask you to do something that you didn't want to do, your conscious mind would simply refuse to do it. Hypnosis can only help you to do things that your conscious mind actually wants you to do.

Can Everyone Even Be Hypnotized?

Another common question is of course whether it will work. There is a pretty common misconception floating about the place that many people cannot actually be hypnotized. The fact is however that the only proven cases where people have been unable to become hypnotized have involved mentally ill people, those with significantly lower than average IQ and those who have been uninterested in becoming hypnotized and therefore chose to resist.

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