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What Are The Best Foods To Lose Weight?

8/17 16:55:56
If you want to get into shape, especially if you are overweight, there is no better place to start then changing your diet. It's a popular topic for good reason as many people want to change something about themselves. Knowing the best foods that speed metabolism is critical for fat burning.

Just doing exercise and hitting the gym isn't enough to reach one's full potential. Minimal results will be the only thing achieved if energy is put into training hard, yet the wrong food is ingested. It's about creating that synergy and forming a new relationship with food that will boost your exercise, not hinder it.

One key lesson learned early is about spreading multiple meals over the day. Most people skip meals, such as breakfast, or load up on one entire meal for the day. This is not doing your metabolism any favours. You need to ensure that you boost the speed that you burn calories during training. Having up to six meals spread across the day with controlled portions is the key. I know it sounds a little strange at first, as it seems like a large amount of food to eat when trying to lose weight. But this gives you the energy to work your muscles during weights, and speeds your metabolism to drop fat.

Like most diets, there are a variety of food groups that should be included in a balanced meal. Below are some lists of food types that I have used to help shape my weekly meal schedule. If you are new to these type of foods then give them a try. You will be amazed at how your taste buds can learn to love new food. Of course, if you're allergic to any of the following foods best leave them alone. Your health is fair more important in your journey.

Before I list the foods it's important that you remember to include balance. Plan to start at five meals a day. Focusing on the categories of lean protein, carbohydrates and good fats for main meals is ideal. Breakfast could be a starchy food type such as porridge with skim milk. Use variety so you don't become bored with your meals and you will have a higher chance to stick it out. With discipline it will sky rocket your work outs in the gym, as I was shocked at how fast I toned following this eating pattern.
Best Starchy Foods
Starchy foods are great because they can be used for all meals of the day. Try these to help boost weight loss:
- Sweet Potatoes- Porridge ?with very little sugar- Rice- White Potato- Pasta- Brown Bread- Hot Rice Cereal- Multigrain Cereal
Best Vegetables
Vegetables are always good for you, but if your goal like mine is to lose weight stick to these particular types:
- Mushroom- Courgette- Tomatoes- Onions- Aubergine- Spinach and other leafy vegetables- Asparagus
There's a misconception protein is consider bad for losing weight, but lean protein is needed for energy. It what fuels your body to build muscle and tone your body to perfection. Try these:- Turkey- Salmon- Protein Powder- Eggs- Beef ?fed on grass- Minced Turkey- Trout- Chicken ?with skin removed
For extra variety fruits are great for your inbewteen snacks to keep your metabolism moving. These are ideal for fat loss:
- Apples- Blueberries- Pineapple- Grapes- Peaches- Banana- Melon- Grapefruit ?as long as this does not interfere with your medications- Oranges

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