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Eat great food for a thin body and keep beautiful!
"I think there is great food ulcer, for example, eat an apple, I can feel the way that I can not have toxins in your body."
mistake:the impression of many people, eating a fine performance of a high quality of life, and can eat out "healthy and slim", but in reality it is not. First, if the food is too thin, it may cause some material lost health benefits. Second, if a long time to eat delicious food, eggs, milk and a good meal, very easy to cause constipation, make pressure on the metabolism and weight loss. So, there are some more fiber-rich foods can help to more gastrointestinal motility, and is beneficial for digestion and lose weight. Of course, we are afraid of pesticides to the skin peel an apple, an apple, but the skin can also help to remove toxins from the body!
During weight loss, so choose the most nutritious food!
"I'm on a diet, eat very little, because weight loss is very difficult days and nights, of course, I have to eat the most nutritious food!"
misteke: there is "tasty"? This is not a wise plan for reducing vesa.Kolichestvo heat, which uses up calories, is a basic principle of weight loss, so that low-calorie foods is the first choice. And "Yummy", those who taste good, often sweet, butter, sweet, and delicious food, all of them high heat.
"Why doubt, eat a vegetarian can be a thin body? Normally I do not eat meat, only to make the taste is good, I will give more oil to fry, and the taste is also very good!"
mistake:vegetarian has become a hot topic, many people think that eating vegetarian can lose weight. Fish, such as vegetables, fruit, bread and so on, compared with the same weight of food of animal, the amount of heat is less. But any amount of meat they eat less than they consume, the fat will be gradually reduced, and this is not just a vegetarian. There is also a lot of good in a vegetarian with a high calorie content, such as fried spring roll, and various other vegetarian dishes are mostly more oil and more sweet.
Food pills medicine diet for weight loss
"Taking diet pills is also a kind of fast thin body, it can let me quickly, so I often need to lose weight, I'll take the medicine."
mistake: Let's see how the diet pills to work: suppress appetite, increase energy, and to deter kishechnika.Tabletki digestion and absorption, which can suppress appetite containing benzene, fenfluramine and other songs that can make appetite decreased, reduce food intake, and lose weight, but nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other side effects.

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