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Ten of the most effective diet weight loss methods

8/17 16:53:20
Have a try to do the following 10 weight loss methods, you can be easy to slim down without starving!
1, stop eating after nine o'clock!
If eat too much at noon, then you should eat less after five o'clock, and don't eat after nine in the evening. Six hours before going to bed eats any food will cause energy cannot be consumed to be detained, and thus become into fat accumulation.
2, controlling the speed of eating food will be able to control your food-intake
Eating slowly not only can be easier to get the message you are satiety for the brain, also can help the eating people to get a taste satisfaction. In fact, think about it, if not that layer of seasoning, you do not eat so much. So if you really love eating, slow down can make you a deeper taste the taste of food.
3, first eat other food when you see the favorite things
If you see the favorite food, do not enjoy them immediately when you are very hungry. First eat a few vegetables, wait until you feel your hunger is not so strong, then can eat these delicious you love, you will find the same taste, just that you are no longer to devour them.
4, eat meat and starch separately
The meat digestion time is about five hours, but the starch and vegetables are relatively short. Eat them at the same time you will feel the taste better. For your digestive system, eat so will make them overburdened. You are unable to fully digest the food. It will cause the accumulation of fat.
5, remember to clean intestinal tract in rest day
Every week, every day, the food you eat something will always be left behind some toxins in your body, especially meat. It is very important to clearing intestinal tract every week, which not only helps the body to lose the burden, but also has a great improvement in the belly that is difficult to be reduced. If you can do some thin abdominal movement, soon you will be able to get rid of the fat in that place.
6 diet pills! Do not touch them!
Many diet pills have the effect in inhibiting food and accelerating metabolic. The most serious problems of diet pills will cause your endocrine disorders and cause a burden on the heart. For girls they are more dangerous. Weight will rebound after stopping to eat, so they hurt the body is more than diet.
7, please don't eat the sugar too much
The body needs sugar to maintain pleasant mood, and more energetic. The sugar you need daily is in eating rice actually, daily, if you are really fond of sugar too much, it would have to pay attention to, sweets not only cause of aging, also will make you gain weight. Excess sugar is even more frightening than fat.
8, eat carbohydrates but do not eat too much
The normal eating carbohydrates, in fact, is not bad, but need to control the amount of every meal.
9, mainly eat low-calorie food
In fact, there are a lot of low-calorie food, not only can be eaten, also can be cooked delicious food, at the same time will not make you fat. The dish that is cooked at home is lower-calorie than that outside, fried food has amazing high-calorie, you can eat but try to eat less.
10, must drink water
Water is the best detox foods can help kidney metabolism excess toxins of the body, making the body more light. It should be noted that, if you do not want to wake up with swollen eyes the next day, the amount of water you drink needs to be controlled after nine o'clock.

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